SerierTypological Studies in Language

113 Verk Popularitet 38,377 (97 Medlemmar) 470 Böcker 1 Recension 3.9
Tense-aspect : between semantics & pragmatics : containing the contributions to a Symposium on Tense and Aspect, held at UCLA, May 1979 by Paul J. Hopper 7 exemplar1
Switch-reference and universal grammar : proceedings of a Symposium on Switch Reference and Universal Grammar, Winnipeg, May 1981 by John Haiman 4 exemplar2
Topic continuity in discourse : a quantitative cross-language study by Talmy Givón 13 exemplar3
Interrogativity : a colloquium on the grammar, typology, and pragmatics of questions in seven diverse languages, Cleveland, Ohio, October 5th, 1981-May 3rd, 1982 by William Chisholm 4 exemplar4
Language universals and second language acquisition : containing the contributions to a conference on language universals and second language acquisition held at the University of Southern California, February 1982 by William E. Rutherford 5 exemplar5
Iconicity in syntax : proceedings of a Symposium on Iconicity in Syntax, Stanford, June 24-6, 1983 by John Haiman 4 exemplar6
Noun classes and categorization : proceedings of a symposium on categorization and noun classification, Eugene, Oregon, October 1983 by Colette Grinevald Craig 9 exemplar7
Studies in Turkish linguistics by Dan Isaac Slobin 3 exemplar8
Morphology : a study of the relation between meaning and form by Joan L. Bybee 14 exemplar9
Complementation : its meanings and forms by Evelyn N. Ransom 2 exemplar10
Coherence and grounding in discourse : outcome of a symposium, Eugene, Oregon, June 1984 by Russell S. Tomlin 4 exemplar11
Typology of Resultative Constructions (Typological Studies in Language 12) by Vladimir P. Nedjalkov 7 exemplar12
Perspectives on topicalization : the case of Japanese Wa by John Hinds 6 exemplar14
Complex sentence constructions in Australian languages by Peter Austin 4 exemplar15
Passive and voice by Masayoshi Shibatani 5 exemplar16
Studies in syntactic typology by Michael Hammond 4 exemplar17
Clause combining in grammar and discourse by John Haiman 8 exemplar18
Approaches to grammaticalization : Vol. 1: Focus on theoretical and methodological issues by Elizabeth Closs Traugott 6 exemplar19:1
Approaches to grammaticalization. Volume II, Focus on types of grammatical markers by Elizabeth Closs Traugott 6 exemplar19:2
Studies in typology and diachrony : papers presented to Joseph H. Greenberg on his 75th birthday by Joseph H. Greenberg 4 exemplar20
The Linguistics of Literacy (Typological Studies in Language) by Pamela Downing 9 exemplar21
Pragmatics of word order flexibility by Doris L. Payne 7 exemplar22
The Middle Voice (Typological Studies in Language) by Suzanne Kemmer 10 exemplar23
Deixis, grammar, and culture by Revere D. Perkins 4 exemplar24
The grammar of space by Soteria Svorou 2 exemplar25
Historical change in serial verb constructions by Carol Lord 2 exemplar26
Voice: Form and Function (Typological Studies in Language) by Barbara A. Fox 8 exemplar27
Voice and Inversion (Typological Studies in Language) by Talmy Givón 7 exemplar28
Typological studies in negation by Peter Kahrel 3 exemplar29
Word order in discourse by Pamela Downing 6 exemplar30
Coherence in Spontaneous Text (Typological Studies in Language) by Morton Ann Gernsbacher 4 exemplar31
Modality in grammar and discourse by Joan L. Bybee 7 exemplar32
Studies in anaphora by Barbara A. Fox 5 exemplar33
Conversation : cognitive, communicative and social perspectives by Talmy Givón 7 exemplar34
Grammatical Relations: A Functionalist Perspective (Typological Studies in Language) by Talmy Givón 5 exemplar35
The linguistics of giving by John Newman 3 exemplar36
The limits of grammaticalization by Anna Giacalone Ramat 3 exemplar37
Case, typology, and grammar : in honor of Barry J. Blake by Anna Siewierska 2 exemplar38
External possession by Doris L. Payne 5 exemplar39
Reflexives: Forms and Functions (Typological Studies in Language) by Zygmunt Frajzyngier 1 exemplar40
Reciprocals : forms and functions by Zygmunt Frajzyngier 2 exemplar41
Demonstratives: Form, function and grammaticalization (Typological Studies in Language) by Holger Diessel 3 exemplar42
Reconstructing grammar : comparative linguistics and grammaticalization by Spike Gildea 4 exemplar43
Ideophones by Erhard Friedrich Karl Voeltz 3 exemplar44
Frequency and the emergence of linguistic structure by Joan L. Bybee 16 exemplar, 1 recension45
Non-canonical marking of subjects and objects by A. �I�U. A�ikhenval�d 4 exemplar46
Dimensions of possession by Irène Baron 2 exemplar47
The grammar of causation and interpersonal manipulation by Masayoshi Shibatani 2 exemplar48
New Reflections on Grammaticalization (Typological Studies in Language) by Ilse Wischer 2 exemplar49
Prepositions in their syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic context by Susanne Feigenbaum 3 exemplar50
The linguistics of sitting, standing and lying by John Newman 6 exemplar51
Reported discourse : a meeting ground for different linguistic domains by Tom Güldemann 2 exemplar52
The evolution of language out of pre-language by Talmy Givón 5 exemplar53
Studies in evidentiality by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 6 exemplar54
Explaining language structure through systems interaction by Zygmunt Frajzyngier 3 exemplar55
Motion, direction and location in languages : in honor of Zygmunt Frajzyngier by Erin Shay 3 exemplar56
Dependent-Head Synthesis in Nivkh: A contribution to a typology of polysynthesis (Typological Studies in Language) by Johanna Mattissen 5 exemplar57
Coordinating constructions by Martin Haspelmath 2 exemplar58
Coordinating Constructions (Typological Studies in Language) by Martin Haspelmath 1 exemplar58
Up and Down the Cline: The Nature of Grammaticalization (Typological Studies in Language) by Olga Fischer 3 exemplar59
Non-nominative subjects / Vol. 1 by Peri Bhaskararao 6 exemplar61
Sound patterns in interaction : cross-linguistic studies from conversation by Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen 5 exemplar62
Clusivity: Typology and case studies of the inclusive-exclusive distinction (Typological Studies in Language) by Elena Filimonova 5 exemplar63
Studies in African linguistic typology by F.K.Erhard Voeltz 3 exemplar64
Voice and grammatical relations in honor of Masayoshi Shibatani by Masayoshi Shibatani 3 exemplar65
Space in Languages: Linguistic Systems And Cognitive Categories (Typological Studies in Language) by Maya Hickmann 4 exemplar66
Suppletion in verb paradigms : bits and pieces of the puzzle by Ljuba N. Veselinova 4 exemplar67
Passivization and Typology: Form and function (Typological Studies in Language) by Werner Abraham 2 exemplar68
Split Auxiliary Systems: A cross-linguistic perspective (Typological Studies in Language) by Raúl Aranovich 5 exemplar69
Deixis and Alignment: Inverse systems in indigenous languages of the Americas (Typological Studies in Language) by Fernando Zúñiga 5 exemplar70
Reciprocal constructions by Vladimir P. Nedjalkov 1 exemplar71
Prototypical Transitivity (Typological Studies in Language) by Åshild Næss 6 exemplar72
Deconstructing Creole (Typological Studies in Language) by Umberto Ansaldo 5 exemplar73
Adpositions: Pragmatic, semantic and syntactic perspectives (Typological Studies in Language) by Dennis Kurzon 2 exemplar74
Interaction of Morphology and Syntax: Case studies in Afroasiatic (Typological Studies in Language) by Zygmunt Frajzyngier 3 exemplar75
Rethinking Grammaticalization. New perspectives & Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization: Rethinking Grammaticalization: New perspectives (Typological Studies in Language, Vol. 76) by Mara Jose Lopez-Couso 3 exemplar76
Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization (Typological Studies in Language) by Elena Seoane 3 exemplar77
Lessons from documented endangered languages by K. David Harrison 4 exemplar78
Modality-Aspect Interfaces: Implications and typological solutions (Typological Studies in Language) by Werner Abraham 3 exemplar79
Crosslinguistic studies of clause combining : the multifunctionality of conjunctions by Ritva Laury 1 exemplar80
Case and grammatical relations : studies in honor of Bernard Comrie by Greville G. Corbett 3 exemplar81
Formulaic language. – Volume 1: Distribution and historical change by Roberta Corrigan 2 exemplar82
Formulaic language. – Volume 2: Acquisition, loss, psychological reality, and functional explanations by Roberta Corrigan 2 exemplar83
The Linguistics of Eating and Drinking (Typological Studies in Language) by John Newman 5 exemplar84
Syntactic Complexity: Diachrony, acquisition, neuro-cognition, evolution (Typological Studies in Language) by T. Givon 5 exemplar85
Variations on Polysynthesis: The Eskaleut languages (Typological Studies in Language) by Marc-Antoine Mahieu 4 exemplar86
Negation Patterns in West African Languages and Beyond (Typological Studies in Language) by Norbert Cyffer 4 exemplar87
A typology of purpose clauses by Karsten Schmidtke-Bode 2 exemplar88
Ergativity in Amazonia (Typological Studies in Language) by Spike Gildea 5 exemplar89
Gradience, gradualness and grammaticalization by Elizabeth Closs Traugott 4 exemplar90
The expression of information structure : a documentation of its diversity across Africa by Ines Fiedler 3 exemplar91
Benefactives and Malefactives: Typological perspectives and case studies (Typological Studies in Language) by Fernando Zúñiga 5 exemplar92
Fillers, pauses and placeholders by Nino Amiridze 4 exemplar93
Formal evidence in grammaticalization research by An van Linden 2 exemplar94
Creoles, their Substrates, and Language Typology (Typological Studies in Language) by Claire Lefebvre 5 exemplar95
Nominalization in Asian Languages: Diachronic and typological perspectives (Typological Studies in Language) by Foong Ha Yap 3 exemplar96
Subordination in native South-American languages by Rik van Gijn 2 exemplar97
Reciprocals and semantic typology by Nicholas Evans 2 exemplar98
Case, Animacy and Semantic Roles (Typological Studies in Language) by Seppo Kittilä 3 exemplar99
Events of putting and taking : a crosslinguistic perspective by Anetta Kopecka 2 exemplar100
Relative clauses in time and space : a case study in the methods of diachronic typology by Rachel Hendery 2 exemplar101
Relative Clauses in Languages of the Americas: A typological overview (Typological Studies in Language) by Bernard Comrie 3 exemplar102
Functional-historical approaches to explanation : in honor of Scott Delancey by Timothy J. Thornes 2 exemplar103
Language Typology and Historical Contingency: In honor of Johanna Nichols (Typological Studies in Language) by Balthasar Bickel 2 exemplar104
Information structure and reference tracking in complex sentences by Rik van Gijn 2 exemplar105
Perspectives on Semantic Roles (Typological Studies in Language) by Silvia Luraghi 3 exemplar106
The Linguistics of Temperature (Typological Studies in Language) by Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm 2 exemplar107
Beyond Aspect: The expression of discourse functions in African languages (Typological Studies in Language) by Doris L. Payne 4 exemplar109
The role of functions in syntax : a unified approach to language theory, description, and typology by Zygmunt Frajzyngier 3 exemplar111
Finiteness and nominalization by Claudine Chamoreau 3 exemplar113
Insubordination (Typological Studies in Language) by Nicholas Evans 2 exemplar115
Noun-modifying clause constructions in languages of Eurasia : rethinking theoretical and geographical boundaries by Yoshiko Matsumoto 3 exemplar116
Similative and equative constructions : a cross-linguistic perspective by Yvonne Treis 2 exemplar117


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