SerierAlcuin/GROW Joint Liturgical Study

61 Verk Popularitet 32,013 (131 Medlemmar) 563 Böcker 2 Recensioner 3.7
Daily and weekly worship : Jewish and Christian by Roger T Beckwith 10 exemplar1
The Missing Oblation: The Contents of the Early Antiochene Anaphora (Housing Research) by John R. K. Fenwick 13 exemplar11
The Liturgical Portions of the Apostolic Constitutions: A Text for Students (Joint Liturgical Studies) by W. Jardine Grisbrooke 12 exemplar13-14
Liturgy in Ancient Jerusalem (Joint Liturgical Studies) by John F. Baldovin 9 exemplar9
The Preaching Service: The Glory of the Methodists: A Study of the Piety, Ethos, and Development of the Methodist P by Adrian Burdon 4 exemplar17
Irenaeus of Lyons on Baptism and Eucharist: Selected Texts with Introduction, Translation and Annotation (Joint Liturgical Studies) by David Noel Power 11 exemplar18
The Testamentum Domini: Text for Students with Introduction, Translation and Notes (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Grant Sperry-White 8 exemplar19
Communion Outside the Eucharist (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Phillip Tovey 8 exemplar, 1 recension26
Anglican liturgical inculturation in Africa : the Kanamai statement with introduction, papers from Kanamai and a first response by David Gitari 10 exemplar28
On Baptismal Fonts: Ancient and Modern (Joint Liturgical Studies) by S. Anita Stauffer 11 exemplar29-30
The Comparative Liturgy of Anton Baumstark by Fritz West 9 exemplar31
Worship and Evangelism in Pre-Christendom (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Alan Kreider 20 exemplar32
Liturgy in Early Christian Egypt (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Maxwell Johnson 16 exemplar33
Daily prayer in the reformed tradition : an initial study by Diane Karay Tripp 10 exemplar35
Ritual Kiss in Early Christian Worship (Joint Liturgical Studies) by L. Edward Phillips 11 exemplar36
After the Primitive Christians: 18th Century Anglican Eucharist in Its Architectural Setting (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Peter Doll 7 exemplar37
Coronations: Past, Present and Future (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Henry Everett 12 exemplar38
Anglican Orders and Ordinations (Joint Liturgical Studies) by David Holeton 16 exemplar39
The Liturgy of St. James as presently used by Phillip Tovey 11 exemplar40
Anglican missals and their canons : 1549, interim rite and Roman by Mark Dalby 12 exemplar, 1 recension41
The Origins of the Roman Rite by Gordon P. Jeanes 9 exemplar42
Baptism in Early Byzantine Palestine 325-451 (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Juliette Day 9 exemplar43
Ambrosianum Mysterium : the Church of Milan and its liturgical tradition by Cesare Alzati 17 exemplar44
Mar Nestorius and Mar Theodore, the interpreter : the forgotten Eucharistic prayers of East Syria by Bryan D. Spinks 15 exemplar45
The Eucharistic doctrine of the later Nonjurors : a revisionist view of the eighteenth-century Usages Controversy by James David Smith 9 exemplar46
Ambrosianum Mysterium: The Church of Milan and Its Liturgical Tradition: v. 2 (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Cesare Alzati 12 exemplar47-48
The Syriac Version of the Liturgy of St. James: A Brief History for Students by Baby Varghese 15 exemplar49
Offerings from Kenya to Anglicanism: Liturgical Texts and Contexts Including "A Kenyan Service of Holy Communion" (Joint by Graham Kings 11 exemplar50
Early Jewish liturgy : a sourcebook for use by students of early Christian liturgy by Alistair Stewart-Sykes 11 exemplar51
Church and worship in fifth-century Rome : the letter of Innocent 1 to Decentius of Gubbio : text with introduction, translation and notes by Martin F. Connell 11 exemplar52
Public Worship and Communion by Extension: Some Pastoral and Theological Issues (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Alex Hughes 7 exemplar53
The Savoy Conference revisited : the proceedings taken from the grand debate of 1661 and the works of Richard Baxter by Colin Buchanan 7 exemplar54
Sequential or Direct Ordination: A Return to the Sources (Joint Liturgical Studies) by John St. H. Gibaut 14 exemplar55
Infant Communion: The New Testament to the Reformation by Mark Dalby 12 exemplar56
Liturgical revision in the Church of England, 1984-2004 : the working of the Liturgical Commission by David Hebblethwaite 6 exemplar57
Celebrating Forgiveness: An Original Text Drafted by Michael Vasey (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Trevor Lloyd 5 exemplar58
Proclus on Baptism in Constantinople (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Juliette Day 3 exemplar59
1927-28 Prayer Book Crisis part 1 (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Donald Gray 5 exemplar60
The 1927-28 Prayer book crisis. 2. The cul-de-sac of the 'Deposited Book' ... until further notice be taken by Donald Gray 3 exemplar61
Anglican Swahili prayer books : Tanzania (1995) and Congo (1998) by Ian Tarrant 2 exemplar62
A History of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultations 1983-2007: Pt. 63 (Joint Liturgical Studies) by David Holeton 5 exemplar63
Justin Martyr: On Baptism and Eucharist: 64 (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Colin Buchanan 5 exemplar64
Anglican Liturgical Identity: Pt. 65: Papers from the Prague Meeting of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Christopher Irvine 8 exemplar65
The Psalms in Christian worship : patristic precedent and Anglican practice by A. Gelston 5 exemplar66
Infant Communion: Pt. 67: Post-reformation to Present-day (Joint Liturgical Studies: Alcuin Club & GROW) by Mark Dalby 4 exemplar67
The Hampton Court conference and the 1604 Book of Common Prayer : with related documents, introduction and annotation (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Colin Buchanan 6 exemplar68
Social Science Research Methods in Contemporary Liturgical Research:an Introduction (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Trevor Lloyd 4 exemplar69
Two Early Egyptian Liturgical Papyri: The Deir Balyzeh Papyrus and the Barcelona Papyrus by Alistair C. Stewart 6 exemplar70
Anglican Marriage Rites: A Symposium by Kenneth Stevenson 1 exemplar71
Charles Symeon on the Excellency of Liturgy by Andrew Atherstone 0 exemplar72
Ordo Romanus Primus: Text and Translation with Introduction and Notes (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Alan Griffiths 9 exemplar73
Admission to Communion: Late Medievals and Reformers (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Mark Dalby 6 exemplar75
Gaudentius of Brescia on the Sacraments by Dominic Keech 7 exemplar76
Further essays in early Eastern initiation : early Syrian baptismal liturgy by Paul F. Bradshaw 8 exemplar78
Ancient church orders by Paul F. Bradshaw 4 exemplar80
Ambrose of Milan on baptism : a study of De sacramentis and De mysteriis by James H.S. Steven 5 exemplar84
The Spirit in Liturgy and Doctrine: A liturgical-systematic dialogue in the fourth century church in Egypt and Cappadocia by Thomas McLean 4 exemplar86
The Canons of Hippolytus by Paul F. Bradshaw 16 exemplar
Essays in Early Eastern Initiation (Joint Liturgical Studies) by Paul F. Bradshaw 10 exemplar
Eucharistic Sacrifice: The Roots of a Metaphor (Liturgical Studies) by Rowan Williams 19 exemplar
Foundations of Christian music : the music of pre-Constantinian Christianity by Edward Foley 28 exemplar