SerierGrove Worship Series

102 Verk Popularitet 31,456 (135 Medlemmar) 610 Böcker 8 Recensioner 3.9
Exorcism Deliverance And Healing by John Richards 12 exemplar44
Preaching at Funerals (Worship) by Ian Bunting 12 exemplar62
Grow Through Groups (Worship S.) by Eddie Gibbs 8 exemplar64
Preaching at Baptisms by Gordon Ogilvie 8 exemplar70
Preaching at Communion (i) by Ian Bunting 8 exemplar78
Preaching on Special Occasions (Worship) by Charles H. Hutchins 2 exemplar89
Evangelical Anglicans and Liturgy by Colin Buchanan 9 exemplar90
Evangelical Anglicans and the Lima Text: An Assessment and Critique (Worship) by Tony Price 8 exemplar92
Celebrating Lent, Holy Week and Easter by Trevor Lloyd 9 exemplar93
Worship in the city by John Bentham 4 exemplar95
Extended Communion: An Experiment in Cumbria (Worship) by David Smethurst 5 exemplar, 1 recension96
Celebrating the Agape Today (Worship) by Trevor Lloyd 5 exemplar97
Remembrance Sunday by Andrew Jones 7 exemplar99
Anglicans and Worship in Local Ecumenical Projects by Colin Buchanan 3 exemplar101
Initiating Adults: Lessons from the Roman Catholic Rite by Paul Tudge 4 exemplar102
Making the Eucharistic Prayer Work (Worship S.) by David Kennedy 2 exemplar103
The laying on of hands in the parish healing ministry by Carolyn Headley 1 exemplar104
The Eucharist with Congregational Action (Worship) by Maggie Durran 2 exemplar, 1 recension105
Lambeth and Liturgy 1988 by Colin Ogilvie Buchanan 3 exemplar106
Revising the ASB (Grove Worship Series 107) by Colin Buchanan 2 exemplar107
Worship in Small Congregations by David Cutts 7 exemplar108
Sunday Evening Worship by David Kennedy, Jr. 6 exemplar109
Worship in the Restoration Movement by James Steven 3 exemplar110
Introducing Patterns for Worship by Trevor Lloyd 3 exemplar111
Children and Communion (Worship) by Colin Buchanan 7 exemplar112
But Who Will Preside?: Review of Issues Concerning "Lay Presidency" in Parts of South America and in the Anglican Communion at Large (Worship) by Alison Hargrave 4 exemplar, 1 recension113
Worship in the countryside : some comments on the worship aspects of the report of the Archbishops commission on ru by David Cutts 2 exemplar114
Readers and worship in the Church of England by Carolyn Headley 8 exemplar115
Introducing Promise of His Glory (Worship) by Trevor Lloyd 5 exemplar116
Interfaith Worship and Christian Truth by David Bookless 3 exemplar117
Christian Initiation in the Anglican Communion (Worship) by David Holeton 7 exemplar118
Shall we dance? by Anne Barton 3 exemplar119
Methodist and United Reformed Church Worship: Baptism and Communion in Two "Free" Churches by David Kennedy 4 exemplar120
The Heart of Sunday Worship by Colin Buchanan 4 exemplar121
Keep in Tune with Heaven (Grove Worship Series 122) by Jane Sinclair 1 exemplar122
Renewing Daily Prayer (Worship) by Christopher J. Cocksworth 4 exemplar123
The Renewal of Baptismal Vows by Colin Buchanan 4 exemplar124
Ministerial Integrity in Liturgy by Charles H. Hutchins 3 exemplar, 1 recension125
All-age Worship by Anne Barton 3 exemplar126
Music and Worship: Principles to Practice by Peter Moger 5 exemplar127
Revising Weddings (Grove Worship Series 128) by Charles Read 1 exemplar128
Moravian Worship by Fred Linyard 7 exemplar129
Understanding Anglican Worship: A Parish Study Guide by David Kennedy 8 exemplar130
The Lord's Prayer in the Church of England (Worship) by Colin Ogilvie Buchanan 5 exemplar131
Hymns and Spiritual Songs: The Use of Traditional and Modern in Worship by John Leach 7 exemplar132
Worship Audit: Making Good Worship Better by Mark Earcy 5 exemplar133
Joining God's Church: An Introduction to "On the Way" (Grove Worship Series 134) by Christopher H.B. Byworth 2 exemplar134
Renewing the Anglican Eucharist; Findings of the Fifth International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, Dublin, Eire, 1995 (Grove Worship Series, #135) by David R. Holeton 11 exemplar135
Six Eucharistic Prayers as proposed in 1996: The official texts for final approval with introduction and commentary by Colin Ogilvie Buchanan 5 exemplar136
Making Creation Visible (Worship) by Andrew Pearson 4 exemplar137
Dressing for Worship: A Fresh Look at What Christians Wear in Church (Worship) by Dick Hines 9 exemplar138
Responding to preaching by John Leach 7 exemplar139
Worship as drama by Mark Earey 4 exemplar140
Introducing the New Lectionary: Getting the Bible into Worship by Trevor Lloyd 5 exemplar141
Prayer and the Departed (Worship) by Christopher J. Cocksworth 6 exemplar142
Liturgy and Spiritual Formation by Carolyn Headley 7 exemplar143
Interactive Preaching: Opening the Word Then Listening (Worship) by Tim Stafford 11 exemplar144
New Initiation Rites: A Commentary on Services Authorized for Easter 1998 (Worship) by Colin Buchanan 6 exemplar145
The spirit and liturgy by Jeremy Fletcher 13 exemplar146
Worship in Local Ecumenical Partnerships (Worship) by Phillip Tovey 4 exemplar147
Eucharistic Consecration (Worship) by Colin Buchanan 7 exemplar148
Children and Communion: A Practical Guide for Interested Churches (Worship) by Peter Reiss 6 exemplar149
Daily Office: Exploring Patterns for Daily Prayer and Bible Study (Worship) by Anne Barton 8 exemplar150
SERVICE OF THE WORD (WORSHIP S.) by Trevor Lloyd 6 exemplar151
Leading Worship by Mark Earey 13 exemplar152
Millennium Liturgy (Grove Worship Series 153) by Christopher H.B. Byworth 2 exemplar153
Liturgy and Technology (Worship) by Tim Stratford 3 exemplar154
Alternative Worship in the Church of England (Worship) by Paul Roberts 4 exemplar155
Real Hymns, Real Hymn Books: A Celebration and Invitation (Worship) by Christopher Idle 5 exemplar156
Home Communion: A Practical Guide (Worship) by Carolyn Headley 10 exemplar157
The Eucharistic Prayers of Order One (Worship) by Colin Buchanan 12 exemplar158
Communion in Common Worship: The Shape of Orders One and Two (Worship) by Jeremy Fletcher 13 exemplar, 1 recension159
Dying and death step by step : a funerals flowchart by Trevor Lloyd 9 exemplar160
Services for Wholeness and Healing (Worship) by Colin Buchanan 8 exemplar161
Common Worship Marriage by Charles Read 6 exemplar162
Infant Baptism in Common Worship by Colin Buchanan 13 exemplar163
Developing reflective practice for preachers by Charles Chadwick 5 exemplar164
Thanksgiving for the gift of a child : a commentary on the Common Worship Service by Trevor Lloyd 4 exemplar165
Common Worship: Daily Prayer (Worship) by Christopher J. Cocksworth 8 exemplar166
Public worship with Communion by extension : a commentary by Phillip Tovey 7 exemplar167
Anglican Ordination Rites: The Berkeley Statement - To Equip the Saints (Worship) by Paul Gibson 10 exemplar168
How to Lead the Prayers (Worship) by Anna de Lange 15 exemplar169
Mission and Liturgical Worship by Mark Earey 13 exemplar170
The Laying on of Hands and Anointing by Carolyn Headley 2 exemplar172
Liturgy and urban mission by Tim Stratford 6 exemplar173
Scripture-Based Liturgies by Ian Tarrant 3 exemplar175
How the bible in church : a training course by Liz Simpson 4 exemplar177
Confessing Our Sins (Worship) by Andrew Atherstone 5 exemplar179
Liquid Worship by Lomax Tim 7 exemplar181
Mapping Common Worship (Worship Series) by Phillip Tovey 5 exemplar, 1 recension195
All Mud and Matins? Understanding rural worship (Worship Series) by Paul Lack 7 exemplar196
Clergy Robes and Mission Priorities (Worship Series) by Andrew Atherstone 9 exemplar, 1 recension197
How to Plan Seasonal Events (Worship series) by Trevor Lloyd 5 exemplar202
Reader Ministry Today (Worship) by Charles Read 7 exemplar203
'Bless this house' by John Leach 5 exemplar204
Children at Communion: How to Involve Children in the Eucharist (Worship) by Trevor Lloyd 9 exemplar205
How to Help Others Pray Out Loud in Groups (Worship) by John Leach 6 exemplar206
How Engage with Scripture: With or Without a Preacher (Worship) by Anna de Lange 3 exemplar207
Lay presidency : an Anglican option? by Andrew Atherstone 3 exemplar208
Thirty ways to use music in worship by John Leach 3 exemplar209
Worship and Freedom in the Church of England:Exploring the Boundaries (Worship) by Ian Tarrant 5 exemplar, 1 recension210
How to preach strategically by John Leach 2 exemplar211


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