SerierBallena Press Anthropological Papers

Författare till serien: Thomas C. Blackburn, Lowell John Bean, Travis Hudson

44 Verk Popularitet 32,181 (148 Medlemmar) 395 Böcker 1 Recension 4.1
ANTAP: California Indian Political and Economic Organization by Lowell John Bean 3 exemplar2
The Cahuilla Indians of the Colorado Desert: Ethnohistory and Prehistory by Philip J. Wilke 5 exemplar3
Background to Prehistory of the Yuha Desert Region by Philip J. Wilke 4 exemplar5
John Peabody Harrington: The Man and His California Indian Fieldnotes by Jane MacLaren Walsh 7 exemplar6
Flowers of the Wind: Papers on Ritual Myth and Symbolism in California and the Southwest by Thomas C. Blackburn 4 exemplar8
Tomol: Chumash Watercraft as Described in the Ethnographic Notes of John P. Harrington by John Peabody Harrington 10 exemplar9
Crystals in the sky : an intellectual odyssey involving Chumash astronomy, cosmology, and rock art by Travis Hudson 20 exemplar10
A Revised, Annotated Bibliography of the Chumash and their Predecessors by Eugene N. Anderson 5 exemplar11
Klamath Basin Petroglyphs by B. K. Swartz 4 exemplar12
Atishwin: The Dream Helper in South-Central California by Richard B. Applegate 6 exemplar13
Ukomno'm: The Yuki Indians of Northern California by Virginia P. Miller 7 exemplar14
Kumeyaay Pottery: Paddle-and-Anvil Techniques of Southern California by Gena R. Van Camp 5 exemplar15
Prehistoric Agricultural Development in the Northern Southwest: A Study in Changing Patterns of Land Use by Michael A. Glassow 3 exemplar16
A Voice in Her Tribe: A Navajo Woman's Story by Irene Stewart 8 exemplar17
Kawaiisu Mythology: An Oral Tradition of South-Central California by Maurice L. Zigmond 7 exemplar18
Life Is With People: Household Organization of the Contemporary Southern Paiute Indians by Martha C. Knack 1 exemplar19
The Portable Cosmos: Effigies, Ornaments, and Incised Stone from the Chumash Area by Georgia Lee 7 exemplar21
Archaeoastronomy in the Americas by Ray A. Williamson 8 exemplar22
Peopling of the New World by Jonathon E. Ericson 9 exemplar23
New Uses of Systems Theory in Archaeology by Gary E. Stickel 3 exemplar24
Food Procurement and Transportation by Travis Hudson 10 exemplar25
When Stars Came Down to Earth: Cosmology of the Skidi Pawnee Indians of North America by Von Del Chamberlain 7 exemplar26
Food Preparation and Shelter by Travis Hudson 8 exemplar27
Clothing, Ornamentation, and Grooming by Travis Hudson 9 exemplar28
Woman, Poet, Scientist: Essays in New World Anthropology Honoring Dr. Emma Louise Davis by Thomas C. Blackburn 2 exemplar29
Ceremonial Paraphernalia, Games, and Amusements by Travis Hudson 7 exemplar30
Manufacturing Processes, Metrology, and Trade by Travis Hudson 5 exemplar31
Shamanic Odyssey: The Lushootseed Salish Journey to the Land of the Dead by Jay Miller 6 exemplar32
Seasons of the Kachina: Proceedings of the California State University Hayward Conferences on the Western Pueblos, 1987-1988 by Lowell John Bean 6 exemplar34
Time's Flotsam: Overseas Collections of California Indian Material Culture by Thomas C. Blackburn 7 exemplar35
California Indians: Primary Resources: A Guide to Manuscripts, Artifacts, Documents, Serials, Music, and Illustrations by Sylvia Brakke Vane 27 exemplar36
The Cahuilla Landscape: The Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains by Lowell John Bean 12 exemplar37
Delfina Cuero: Her Autobiography: An Account of Her Last Years and Her Ethnobotanic Contributions by Delfina Cuero 28 exemplar, 1 recension38
California Indian Shamanism by Lowell John Bean 25 exemplar39
Before the Wilderness: Environmental Management by Native Californians by Thomas C. Blackburn 34 exemplar40
Bitterness Road: The Mojave, 1604-1860 by Lorraine M. Sherer 3 exemplar41
The Ohlone Past and Present: Native Americans of the San Francisco Bay Region by Lowell John Bean 18 exemplar42
A Time of Little Choice: The Disintegration of Tribal Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1769-1810 by Randall Milliken 20 exemplar43
The Noontide Sun: The Field Journals of the Reverend Stephen Bowers, Pioneer California Archaeologist by Arlene Benson 7 exemplar44
The Census of 1790: A Demographic History of Colonial California by William M. Mason 6 exemplar45
The Costanoan/Ohlone Indians of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area: A Research Guide by Lauren S. Teixeira 8 exemplar46
Inigo of Rancho Posolmi: The Life and Times of a Mission Indian by Laurence H. Shoup 6 exemplar47
Tipai Ethnographic Notes: A Baja California Indian Community at Mid-Century by William D. Hohenthal, Jr. 7 exemplar48
Native Americans at Mission San Jose by Randall Milliken 2 exemplar49


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