SerierCall of Cthulhu RPG

416 Verk Popularitet 6,505 (1,538 Medlemmar) 10,616 Böcker 76 Recensioner ½ 3.8


Call of Cthulhu by Sandy Petersen 1,013 exemplar, 8 recensioner2009 (1st), 2301 (2nd), 2301-X (2nd, 40th Anniversary), 2009-X (2nd, 40th Anniversary Deluxe), 2317 (3rd), 2324 (4th), 2336 (5.0), 2376 (5.5), 2386 (5.6), 2396 (6th),
Quick Start Cthulhu (2004 edition) by Ben Monroe 1 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. QuickStart by Sandy Petersen 32 exemplar23131
Call of Cthulhu Rpg Keeper Rulebook: Horror Roleplaying in the Worlds of H.p. Lovecraft (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Chaosium Inc 197 exemplar, 2 recensioner23135
Call of Cthulhu Investigators Handbook (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Chaosium Inc 149 exemplar, 1 recension23136
Call of Cthulhu Starter Set by Chaosium Inc 72 exemplar23158
Pulp Cthulhu: Two-Fisted Action and Adventure Against the Mythos by Chaosium Inc 80 exemplar, 1 recension23107
L'Appel de Cthulhu 30th anniversary edition by Sans Detour 1 exemplar
L'Appel de Cthulhu (Jeu de R Le) by Christabel Donatienne Ruby 0 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game (d20) by Monte Cook 238 exemplar, 1 recensionWTC 886440000
Call of Cthulhu Gamemaster's Pack by Aaron Rosenberg 21 exemplar, 1 recension8801 (d20)
Pulp Cthulhu: Reckless Adventures in the 1930s (d20 Call of Cthulhu) by John D. Rateliff 4 exemplard20
Cthulhu - Das Rollenspiel by Sandy Petersen 2 exemplar11501 (Laurin 1st edition)
H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu - Das Rollenspiel by Sandy Petersen 1 exemplar100 (1995, Ars Ludi 3rd edition)
Cthulhu, Horror-Rollenspiel, limitierte Vorzugsausgabe by Sandy Petersen 7 exemplar4000G (Pegasus, 5th edition - CoC 5.5)
Cthulhu. Spieler-Handbuch. by Lynn Willis 11 exemplar40020G (1st edition)
Cthulhu. Spieler-Handbuch: Rollenspiel in der Welt des H. P. Loevecraft by Sandy Petersen 5 exemplar40021G (2nd edition)
Cthulhu. Spielleiter-Handbuch. by Sandy Petersen 8 exemplar40030G (1st edition)
Cthulhu. Spielleiter-Handbuch: Rollenspiel in der Welt des H. P. Lovecraft by Sandy Petersen 6 exemplar40031G (2nd edition)
Cthulhu Grundregelwerk 15 exemplar
Cthulhu Investigatoren-Kompendium 8 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu Sverige : Utredarens handbok by Ola Larsson 5 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu Sverige : Väktarens handbok by Jonas Larsson Olanders 5 exemplar


Chaosium Game Aids: BTMOM by C. Engan 6 exemplar0337
Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set by Sean Branney 1 exemplar2381
Elder Party Nomination Kit 1 exemplar2383
Keeper's Screen (Call of Cthulhu) by Tom Sullivan 10 exemplar2309 (2nd edition)
Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen (5th Edition) by Les Brooks 23 exemplar2387 (5th edition)
Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen (6th edition) by Chaosium Inc. 11 exemplar23120 (6th edition)
Call of Cthulhu Keeper Screen (7th edition) by Chaosium Inc 64 exemplar, 1 recension23137 (7th edition)
Horror on the Orient Express Keeper Screen by Chaosium Inc 6 exemplar23144
Keeper's Resource Book & Screen 1 exemplarunknown edition
Call Of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen 1 exemplarunknown edition
Cthulhu Covers 2 exemplar5106
1920's Keeper's Kit (Call of Cthulhu) by Chaosium Inc. 7 exemplar5108
Call of Cthulhu: Keeper's Kit (Cthulhu) by Les Brooks 12 exemplar5110
Investigator Sheets (For Call of Cthulhu 5th ed., Diabolical Dossiers of Doom) by Chaosium Staff 6 exemplar5111
Dire Documents by Chaosium Inc. 13 exemplar5112
Call of Cthulhu: The Coloring Book by Andrey Fetisov 3 exemplarCHA5116
Call of Cthulhu Keeper Deck: Curious Characters Deck by Mike Mason 2 exemplar23139-KD1
Call of Cthulhu Keeper Deck: The Phobia Deck by Mike Mason 2 exemplar23139-KD2
Call of Cthulhu Keeper Deck: Malleus Monstrorum Deck by Mike Mason 3 exemplar23171
Écran et Guide de référence Cthulhu V6 Supplément de l'Appel de Cthulhu by Christian Grussi 1 exemplar
Sans Détour - L'Appel de Cthulhu JDR - Les Masques de Nyarlathotep : ECRAN 1 exemplar
Appel de Cthulhu 6 ED Ecran - Le Rejeton d'Azathoth 3 exemplar
Écran 30ème anniversaire 2 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen 4 exemplar2323 (3rd edition)
L'Atlas du Mythe by Christian Grussi 0 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour
Antarctic Expedition Pack for Beyond the Mountains of Madness by Robert M. Price 20 exemplar2381
Arkham Sanitarium: A set of player aids for use with Call of Cthulhu by D & E Vogt Khendup 27 exemplar, 1 recension2366
Call of Cthulhu Classic Prop Set by H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society 2 exemplar


A Sourcebook for the 1920's by Yurek Chodak 8 exemplarPart of 1st-3rd edition boxed sets
Cthulhu Companion: Ghastly Adventures & Erudite Lore (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, #2304) by Yurek Chodak 46 exemplar, 1 recension2304
Investigator's Companion for the 1920s: Volume 1 by Keith Herber 37 exemplar2343
Keeper's Compendium: Blasphemous Knowledge & Forbidden Secrets by Keith Herber 46 exemplar2344
Investigator's Companion for the 1920s: Volume 2 by Keith Herber 28 exemplar2346
The London Guidebook: 1920s Roleplaying in the Capital of the World by Lucya Szachnowski 34 exemplar2347
Ye Booke of Monstres: New Nightmares for Call of Cthulhu by Scott David Aniolowski 36 exemplar2349
The Cairo Guidebook by Marion Anderson 42 exemplar2351
Ye Booke of Monstres II by Scott David Aniolowski 31 exemplar2358
The New Orleans Guidebook by Fred Van Lente 73 exemplar2369 (1st), 23114 (2nd)
The 1920s Investigator's Companion by Keith Herber 109 exemplar, 2 recensioner2370
The Creature Companion by Scott David Aniolowski 42 exemplar2375
The Keeper's Companion: Blasphemous Knowledge, Forbidden Secrets, and Handy Information by Keith Herber 106 exemplar2388
The Keeper's Companion 2: Prohibition, Firearms, Tomes, and Creatures by Adam Gauntlett 75 exemplar2395
Convicts & Cthulhu by Geoff Gillan 2 exemplar3005
Miskatonic U. Graduate Kit: Artifacts from the Worlds Scariest University (Call of Cthulhu) by Chaosium Inc. 33 exemplar5101
S. Petersen's Field Guide to Cthulhu Monsters by Sandy Petersen 112 exemplar5105
H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham: Unveiling the Legend-Haunted City by Keith Herber 69 exemplar8803
Malleus Monstrorum by Scott David Aniolowski 86 exemplar23102
Secrets Of New York: A Mythos Guide to the City That Never Sleeps by William Jones 65 exemplar23103
Secrets of Morocco: Eldritch Explorations in the Ancient Kingdom by William Jones 33 exemplar, 1 recension23105
Secrets of San Francisco: A 1920s Sourcebook for the City by the Bay by Cody Goodfellow 61 exemplar23108
Secrets of Kenya: The Mythos Roams Wild by David Conyers 51 exemplar23109
Secrets of Los Angeles: A Guidebook to the City of Angels in the 1920s by Peter Aperlo 42 exemplar23111
Atomic-Age Cthulhu: Mythos Horror in the 1950s (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Brian Sammons 14 exemplar23122
Secrets of Tibet: An Unknown Land of Mythos and Mystery (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Jason Williams 12 exemplar23129
S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors: A Field Observer's Handbook of Preternatural Entities and Beings from Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Sandy Petersen 88 exemplar23138
The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic by Chaosium Inc 49 exemplar23141
Cthulhu Through the Ages (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Mike Mason 18 exemplar23146
Malleus Monstrorum: Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary by Mike Mason 2 exemplar23170 (book 1)
Malleus Monstrorum: Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary, Volume II: Deities of the Mythos by Mike Mason 2 exemplar23170 (book 2)
Malleus Monstrorum: Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary by Chaosium Inc 44 exemplar23170 (omnibus)
Forensic, profiling et sérial killers Supplément de l'Appel de Cthulhu by Emily Tibbats 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 05
L'Appel de Cthulhu V7 - Malleus monstrorum by Sandy Peterson 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 06
Le manuel des armes - Supplément Appel de Cthulhu by Romuald Calvayrac 3 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 16
Au cœur des années 20 - Les années folles - Appel de Cthulhu T26 by Christian Grussi 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 26
Sans Détour - SDT29 - Jeu de Société - La France des Années Folles - Les Mystères de Lyon 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 29
Le manuel de l'équipement - Appel de Cthulhu by Romuald Calvayrac 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 36
L'Appel de Cthulhu V7 - Codex de l'innommable by Sandy Petersen 4 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 43
Les 5 Supplices - L'appel de Cthulhu V7 by Samuel TARAPACKI 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 44
Cthulhu : Les Créatures du Mythe by Sandy Petersen 4 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour
Sans Détour - L'Appel de Cthulhu JDR - Sciences Forensiques & Psychologies Cri by Emily Tibbatts 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour
Investigator Weapons Volume 1: The 1920s & 1930s by Hans-Christian Vortisch 7 exemplar60-IHB01
Investigator Weapons Volume Two: Modern Day by Hans-Christian Vortisch 2 exemplar60-IHB02
Cathulhu: Velvet Paws on Cthulhu's Trail by Ingo Ahrens 6 exemplar60-KAT01
Island of Ignorance: The Third Cthulhu Companion by Scott David Aniolowski Daniel Harms, Tyler Hudak, Eckhard Huelshoff, Tom Lynch, Brian M. Sammons, Mark Shireman, Oscar Rios, Jeff Moeller, Jon Hook Geoff Gillan 16 exemplarGGP1301
Dubious Shards by Kenneth Hite 7 exemplarHITE001
The Dread House by Danny O'Neill 2 exemplarHDG 8000
Mysteries of Mesoamerica by Brian Appleton 25 exemplarPAG1012
Skrót do R'lyeh by Miłosz Brzeziński 2 exemplarPortal Games
Secrets of the Kremlin 1 exemplarTrouver Objet Caché
Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion by Bret Kramer 7
クトゥルフ神話TRPG クトゥルフと帝国 (ログインテーブルトークRPGシリーズ) by 坂本 雅之 1 exemplar
クトゥルフと帝国リプレイ 白無垢の仮面 (Role&Roll Books) by 内山靖二郎 3 exemplar
Field Manual of the Theron Marks Society by Andre Stalin 1 exemplar
H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich: Return to the Forgotten Village by Keith Herber 90 exemplar8802


Shadows of Yog-Sothoth by Chaosium Inc 28 exemplar2010 (1st printing), 2302 (2nd printing)
The Asylum and Other Tales by Sandy Petersen 27 exemplar, 1 recension2303
The Fungi from Yuggoth (Call of Cthulhu Adventure) by Keith Herber 28 exemplar2305
Curse of the Chthonians by David A. Hargrave 36 exemplar2306 (1st edition), 23121 (2nd edition)
Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio 55 exemplar2307 (1st edition), 3304 (2nd edition)
Trail of Tsathogghua by Keith Herber 27 exemplar2308
Fragments of Fear by Sandy Petersen 41 exemplar2310
Alone Against the Wendigo by Glenn Rahman 22 exemplar2311
Alone Against the Dark: Defying the Triumph of the Ice by Matthew J. Costello 19 exemplar2312
Terror From the Stars by Scott Aniolowski 33 exemplar2313
Spawn of Azathoth: Herald of the End of Time by Keith Herber 23 exemplar2316 (1st edition)
The Statue of the Sorcerer & The Vanishing Conjurer by Mike Lewis 50 exemplar, 1 recension2318
Green and Pleasant Land: The British 1920s-1930s Cthulhu Sourcepack by Pete Tamlyn 50 exemplar, 1 recension2320
The Great Old Ones: New Adventures Against the Cthulhu Mythos by Doug Lyons 61 exemplar2321
Mansions of Madness by Fred Behrendt 36 exemplar2327 (1st edition)
Fatal Experiments by Richard Watts 48 exemplar2328
Horror on the Orient Express [Box Set] by Geoff Gillan 47 exemplar2331 (1st edition)
Fearful Passages (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game Series) by Marion Anderson 45 exemplar2335
The Thing at the Threshold (Call of Cthulhu) by Paul McConnell 27 exemplar2339
King of Chicago & The Secret of Marseilles by Gary Sumpter 39 exemplar2348
Strange Aeons: Three Unusual Times & Places by Lucya Szachnowski 49 exemplar2353
Taint of Madness: Insanity and Dread Within Asylum Walls by Michael Tice 47 exemplar2354
In the Shadows by Gary Sumpter 37 exemplar2357
Horror's Heart: A Short Call of Cthulhu Campaign in Montreal (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Sheldon Gillett 53 exemplar2359
Utatti Asfet: The Eye of Wicked Sight by Owen Guthrie 38 exemplar2360
The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio 148 exemplar, 3 recensioner2361 (3rd edition), 23118 (4th edition)
The Compact Trail of Tsathoggua by Keith Herber 44 exemplar2362
Minions by Paul McConnell 28 exemplar2365
Secrets by Brian M. Sammons 49 exemplar2367
Escape From Innsmouth - Second Edition, Expanded & Revised by Kevin Ross 55 exemplar2371
Day of the Beast by Keith Herber 33 exemplar2374
Beyond the Mountains of Madness: An Epic Antarctic Campaign & Sourcebook by Charles Engan 109 exemplar, 1 recension2380
No Man's Land: WWI Mythos Action With the Lost Battalion by Sam Johnson 44 exemplar2385
Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood and Less Pleasant Places by Scott David Aniolowski 56 exemplar2393
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth: A Global Campaign to Save Mankind (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by Sandy Petersen 77 exemplar2397 (2nd edition)
Cthulhu Classics by Scott Aniolowski 39 exemplar3301
Cthulhu Casebook (Call of Cthulhu) by William A. Barton 54 exemplar3305
Curse of Cthulhu: A Campaign of Desperate Struggle Against the Brotherhood by Keith Herber 45 exemplar3306
Spawn Of Azathoth: Herald of the End Of Time (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by Keith Herber 44 exemplar23101 (2nd edition)
Tatters of the King by Tim Wiseman 88 exemplar23104
Mansions of Madness (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1920s Era) by Michael DeWolfe 46 exemplar23110 (2nd edition)
Terrors from Beyond by Gary Sumpter 21 exemplar23113
Strange Aeons II: Nine Adventures in Unusual Times & Places (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Christopher Smith Adair 22 exemplar23117
Canis Mysterium: A Scenario with Bite by Scott Haartman 14 exemplar, 1 recension23124
The Two-Headed Serpent: An Epic Action Packed and Globe-Spanning Campaign for Pulp Cthulhu by Paul Fricker 38 exemplar, 1 recension23125
The House of R'lyeh: Five Scenarios Based on Tales by H.P. Lovecraft (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Chaosium Inc 22 exemplar, 1 recension23127
Terror From The Skies by Colin Hart 20 exemplar, 1 recension23128
Horror on the Orient Express: A Luxury Campaign Spanning the European Continent (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Geoff Gillan 33 exemplar23130 (2nd edition)
Horror on the Orient Express (2 Volume Edition) by Chaosium Inc. 13 exemplar23130 (3rd edition, 2 volume set)
Dead Light: Surviving One Night Outside of Arkham (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) by Alan Bligh 18 exemplar23132
Nameless Horrors: Six Dreadful Adventures for Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium Inc 48 exemplar, 1 recension23133
Ripples from Carcosa: Three Scenarios Exploring Hastur, Carcosa, & The King in Yellow (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying, #23134) by Oscar Rios 30 exemplar, 1 recension23134
Gateways to Terror: Three Evenings of Nightmare by Chaosium Inc 23 exemplar23140
Cold Harvest: Roleplaying During the Great Purges by Chad Bowser 21 exemplar23143
Alone Against the Flames: A Solo Adventure for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. Quick-Start Rules (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Gavin Inglis 28 exemplar23145
Doors to Darkness by Brian M. Sammons 54 exemplar23148
Reign of Terror by Mark Morrison 25 exemplar, 1 recension23149
Masks of Nyarlathotep by Larry DiTillio 44 exemplar, 1 recension23153 (5th)
Alone Against the Dark: A Solo Play Call of Cthulhu Mini Campaign. by Matthew Costello 33 exemplar23154
Shadows Over Stillwater by Kevin Ross 9 exemplar23156
Scritch Scratch by Lynne Hardy 16 exemplar23157
Dead Light & Other Dark Turns by Chaosium Inc 23 exemplar23159
A Cold Fire Within: A Mind-Bending Campaign for Pulp Cthulhu by Christopher Smith Adair 23 exemplar23162
The Shadow Over Providence by Jon Hook 14 exemplar23163
Alone Against the Frost: Solitaire Adventure in Canada's Wilds by Chaosium Inc 28 exemplar23164
Mansions of Madness Vol.I (Call of Cthulhu) by Chaosium Inc 28 exemplar23167
Does Love Forgive? by Chaosium Inc 17 exemplar23172
The Children of Fear by Chaosium Inc 24 exemplar23173
Alone Against the Tide by Nicholas Johnson 24 exemplar23174
Alone Against the Static: A Solo 1990s Adventure Beyond Signal Range by Brian Holland 5 exemplar23181
The Lightless Beacon: When the Lights Went Out by Leigh Carr 3 exemplar7th Edition (#WeAreAllUs)
Trail of the Loathsome Slime by Marcus L. Rowland 15 exemplarGames Workshop MM1 01029
Nightmare in Norway by Marcus L. Rowland 16 exemplarGames Workshop MM3 01031
Les oeufs de Karlatt by Olivier Motillon 1 exemplarDescartes Editeur
Nightmare Agency : Scénario de l'Appel de Cthulhu 1 exemplarDescartes Editeur
Etranges époques 1&2 - Supplément Appel de Cthulhu by Alessandro Mana 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 13
Sans Détour - L'Appel de Cthulhu JDR - Sous un Ciel de Sang by Tristan Lhomme 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 25
Appel de Cthulhu 6 ED N°38 Le Musée de Lhomme 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 38
L'Appel de Cthulhu V7 - Aventures effroyables by Tristan Lhomme 2 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 42
Appel de Cthulhu 7e edition - N°52 Jour de la Bête PRESTIGE(159€ 10 € de frais de protection) by Shannon Appelcline 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 52


A Time to Harvest: Death and Discovery in the Vermont Hills by Brian Sammons 19 exemplar23176
Terror Australis by Penelope Love 57 exemplar2319 (1st edition)
Terror Australis: Call of Cthulhu in the Land Down Under by Chaosium Inc 24 exemplar, 1 recension23155 (2nd edition)
The Compact Arkham Unveiled by Keith Herber 32 exemplar2356
Down Darker Trails: Terrors of the Mythos in the Old West by Kevin Ross 25 exemplar23151
Berlin: The Wicked City by Chaosium Inc 45 exemplar, 1 recension23161
Harlem Unbound by Chris Spivey 6 exemplarDHS001 (1st edition)
Harlem Unbound, 2nd Edition by Chris Spivey 25 exemplar23166 (2nd edition)
Punktown A Setting for Call of Cthulhu and Basic Roleplaying 1 exemplarCHC13301
The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan by Christian Read 7 exemplar, 1 recensionMULAM 397 (Setting)
Realms Of Cthulhu by Sean Preston 18 exemplarREB20001
Cthulhu and the River of Doubt by Theodore Roosevelt 0 exemplar
The Sassoon Files by Jason Sheets 4 exemplar
Zothique: Gaming on the Lost Continent by G R Hager 2 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu: Arkham, 4th Edition by Mike Mason 9 exemplar, 1 recensionCHA23182

Lovecraft Country

Arkham Unveiled: Adventures and Background in the Home of Miskatonic University by Keith Herber 50 exemplar, 1 recension2325 (Lovecraft Country 1)
Return to Dunwich by Keith Herber 39 exemplar2330 (Lovecraft Country 2)
H.P. Lovecraft's Kingsport: The City in the Mist by Kevin Ross 82 exemplar2333 (1st edition), 8804 (2nd edition), (Lovecraft Country 3)
Tales of the Miskatonic Valley by Kevin A. Ross 44 exemplar2334 (Lovecraft Country 4)
Escape From Innsmouth (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1920s) by Kevin A. Ross 39 exemplar2338 (Lovecraft Country 5)
Adventures in Arkham Country by Kevin Hassall 53 exemplar2342 (Lovecraft Country 6)
Miskatonic University: Where Science Meets the Mythos by Sandy Antunes 33 exemplar2352 (Lovecraft Country 7)
Miskatonic University: A Sourcebook by Sam Johnson 76 exemplar2389 (Lovecraft Country 7)
Dead Reckonings by Kevin Ross 24 exemplar2373 (Lovecraft Country 8)
Before the Fall: Innsmouth Adventures Prior to the Great Raid of 1928 by Dula 40 exemplar2377 (Lovecraft Country 9)
Appel de Cthulhu - Kingsport, la cité des brumes V7 by Kevin Ross 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 47


H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands, 2nd edition by Sandy Petersen 72 exemplar, 1 recension2315 (1st), 3302 (2nd), 3308 (3rd)
The Complete Dreamlands by Chris Williams 31 exemplar2363 (4th)
The Dreaming Stone by Kevin Ross 34 exemplar2368
H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands, 5th Edition by Chris Williams 65 exemplar, 1 recension2394 (5th)
S. Petersen's Field Guide to Creatures of the Dreamlands by Sandy Petersen 104 exemplar, 2 recensioner5107
The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man by Dennis Detwiller 29 exemplarAPU8001
Porphyry and Asphodel by Penelope Love 4 exemplar
Appel de Cthulhu - Les contrées du rêve V7 by Sandy Petersen 1 exemplarÉditions Sans-Détour 46

Cthulhu Invictus

Cthulhu Invictus by Chad Bowser 13 exemplarMULAM 301 (Setting)
Cthulhu Invictus by Chad Bowser 37 exemplar, 1 recension23115
Cthulhu Invictus Companion (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by Chad Bowser 20 exemplar23119
7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus: Cosmic Horror Roleplaying in Ancient Rome by Oscar Rios 10 exemplar7th Edition
Malum Umbra by Oscar Rios 8 exemplarMULAM 353 (Sourcebook)
The Cthulhu Campaigns: Ancient Rome (Dark Osprey) by Mark Latham 14 exemplarDARK
De Horrore Cosmico - Six Scenarios for Cthulhu Invictus (Call of Cthulhu) by Oscar Rios 8 exemplarGGP1502
Fronti Nulla Fides by Oscar Rios 3 exemplarGGP1907
Adepts of Teris / Ermineiasm by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
Boletus Griseo Plaga by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
Heroes and Heroines of the Shadow War by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
The Lady of Autumn by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
Magical Charms in Cthulhu Invictus by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
Nemean Lion 1 exemplarGGP
Rituals of the Eternal Mother by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
The Spring of Aceso by Oscar Rios 1 exemplarGGP
Cthulhu Invictus: The Legacy Of Arrius Lurco by Oscar Rios 10 exemplarMRP0009
A Balance of Blood by Matt Puccio 3 exemplarMiskatonic Respository
Mystery on Mona by Oscar Rios 1
Cthulhu Invictus - Fabulae by Chad Bowser 2 exemplarScenario Seeds

Cthulhu Dark Ages

Cthulhu Dark Ages by Stephane Gesbert 102 exemplar2398 (1st English edition)
Quick Start Cthulhu Dark Ages by Stephane Gesbert 1 exemplar
Cthulhu Dark Ages (Call of Cthulhu) by Chad Bowser 27 exemplar23165 (3rd English edition)
The Abbey by Michael Patty 5 exemplarMULAM 303 (Sourcebook)
Caligo Accedendum Tournament by Michael Patty 8 exemplarMULAM 309 (Scenario)
The Pastores by Thomas B. de Mayo 5 exemplarMULAM 313 (Sourcebook)
The Ravenar Sagas by Oscar Rios 9 exemplarMULAM 348 (Scenario)
Dark Crusades by Derik P.S. Dunning 4 exemplarMULAM 414 (Scenario)
Never Meet Again by Adam Gauntlett 3 exemplarFXC-18
Pagan Call 0 - Background by Kevin Anderson 2 exemplarPagan Call 0
Pagan Call 1 - The Fall of Guthlac Abbey by Kevin Anderson 1 exemplarPagan Call 1
Pagan Call 2 - The Clan by Kevin Anderson 1 exemplarPagan Call 2
Pagan Call 3 - The Blue Stone by Kevin Anderson 2 exemplarPagan Call 3
Pagan Call 4 - The Tower by Kevin Anderson 2 exemplarPagan Call 4
Pagan Call 5 - Shadow Kingdoms by Kevin Anderson 2 exemplarPagan Call 5
Pagan Call 6 - Annwn by Stephane Gesbert 1 exemplarPagan Call 6
Here Be Dragons by Deane P. Goodwin 1 exemplar
A New Jerusalem by Adam Gauntlett 1 exemplar
The Secret of Silcestre by Andy Miller 2 exemplarMiskatonic Respository

Cthulhu by Gaslight

Cthulhu by Gaslight: Horror Roleplaying in 1890s England [3rd Edition] by William A. Barton 87 exemplar2314 (1st), 3303 (2nd)
Dark Designs: Occult Terrors in 1890s England by David Hallett 52 exemplar2332
Sacraments of Evil (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1890s) by Scott David Aniolowski 34 exemplar2345
Cthulhu by Gaslight: Horror Roleplaying in 1890s England by William A. Barton 30 exemplar, 1 recension23123 (3rd)
The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue by Rod Basler 6 exemplarMULAM 319 (Sourcebook)
Mysteries of Sudan by Jason Williams 6 exemplarMULAM 362 (Sourcebook)
Mysteries of the Raj by Michael J. Daumen 6 exemplarMULAM 391 (Sourcebook)
The Machine King by Geoff Gillan 2 exemplarCR3006
Nightmare on the Necropolis Express by Glynn Owen Barrass 3 exemplarFXC-0005
Thorston by Robert Grayston 3 exemplarFXC-06
The Strange Case of the Shadow Traveller by Alison Cybe 2 exemplarFXC-12
The Thirteen by Tyler Omichinski 2 exemplarH&B Sourcebook
The Spirits Of London by Robert Grayson 2 exemplarH&B Sourcebook
Hudson & Brand: Inquiry Agents of the Obscure by Stephanie McAlea 7 exemplarH&B-0
A Lens of Darkness by Stygian Fox 2 exemplarH&B-1
Eyes Like Red Balls of Flame by Glynn Owen Barrass 2 exemplarH&B-3
The Golden Dawn by Scott Aniolowski 45 exemplar, 2 recensionerPAG1004
The Sins of St Senara by Christian Grundel 3 exemplar
Zennor: A Guide to a Village of Secrets by Christian Grundel 2 exemplar
Sans Détour - Cthulhu 1890 JDR - Ecran : Le Temps d'un Week-End 1 exemplar
Londres au XIX siècle (Cthulhu 1890, #2) by Loïc Muzy 1 exemplar

Cthulhu Britannica

The Ballad of Bass Rock by Stuart Boon 3 exemplarCB6301
Cthulhu Britannica by Mike Mason 29 exemplarCB7350
Cthulhu Britannica Folklore by Stuart Boon 20 exemplar, 1 recensionCB7351
Avalon: The County of Somerset by Paul Wade-Williams 20 exemplar, 1 recensionCB7352
Shadows Over Scotland (Cthulhu Britannica) by Stuart Boon 40 exemplar, 1 recensionCB7353
Cthulhu Britannica: London 18 exemplar, 1 recensionCB7354
Cthulhu Britannica The Curse of Nineveh by Cubicle 7 17 exemplar, 1 recensionCB7355
Cthulhu Britannica Cards from the Smoke by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. 3 exemplarCB7357
The Journal of Neve Selcibuc by Cubicle 7 Entertainment 6 exemplarCB7358
The Journal of Reginald Campbell Thompson by Mark A. Latham 7 exemplarCB7359

World War Cthulhu

World War Cthulhu The Darkest Hour by Cubicle 7 21 exemplar, 2 recensionerCB71939
World War Cthulhu Europe Ablaze by Walt Ciechanowski 16 exemplar, 1 recensionCB71940
World War Cthulhu London by Cubicle 7 14 exemplarCB71941
World War Cthulhu SOE Handbook by Scott Dorward 11 exemplarCB71942
World War Cthulhu: Cold War by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. 17 exemplarCB71970
Section 46 Operations Manual by Cubicle 7 14 exemplarCB71971
World War Cthulhu Covert Actions by Cubicle 7 12 exemplarCB71972
World War Cthulhu Our American Cousins 7 exemplarCB71974

Cthulhu Now

Cthulhu Now by William A. Barton 102 exemplar2322 (1st edition), 3307 (revised edition)
At Your Door by L. N. Isynwill 54 exemplar2326
Blood Brothers by John B. Monroe 56 exemplar, 1 recension2329
The Stars Are Right! by Andre Bishop 33 exemplar2337 (1st edition)
Blood Brothers 2 by John B. Monroe 48 exemplar, 1 recension2340
1990's Handbook: Modern Background for Call of Cthulhu by Greg Rucka 40 exemplar, 1 recension2355
A Resection of Time by Sam Johnson 42 exemplar2364
The Bermuda Triangle by Justin Schmid 44 exemplar2372
Last Rites: Sinister Visitations In The Present-Day by Ian Winterton 41 exemplar2379
Unseen Masters by Bruce Ballon 60 exemplar2384
Secrets of Japan (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, Modern Era) by Michael Dziesinski 54 exemplar2392
The Stars Are Right! - Nine Disturbing Tales of Mankind's Corruption (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) by William Jones 45 exemplar23100 (2nd edition)
Arkham Now: Revisiting the Legend-haunted City (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying.) by Brian Courtemanche 18 exemplar23116
The Derelict by Sandy Petersen 8 exemplar23150
Petersen's Abominations: Tales of Sandy Petersen (Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying) by Sandy Petersen 22 exemplar, 1 recension23152
Cthulhu Now: Rollenspiel by Frank Heller 3 exemplar44000G (1st edition)
Cthulhu Now by Frank Heller 2 exemplar44001G (2nd edition)
Cthulhu Now: Verschlusssache: Handbuch für Ermittler by Julia Erdmann 1 exemplar44020G
The Big Book of Cults: Evil Cults for Call of Cthulhu by B. Counter 6 exemplarMULAM 316 (Setting)
The Casting Call of Cthulhu by R.J. Christensen 2 exemplarMULAM 345 (Sourcebook)
Plan 09 from Halloween by Chaosium Inc. 4 exemplarMULAM 379 (Scenario)
The Dreaming Prince by Teague Avent 4 exemplarMULAM 399 (Scenario)
Nameless Cults vol 1 - Lost in the Lights by Jeff Moeller 1 exemplar60–NUK01
Nocturnum: Long Shades by Darrel Hardy 13 exemplarCC01
Nocturnum: Hollow Winds (Call of Cthulhu) by Darrell Hardy 14 exemplarCC02
Nocturnum: Deep Secrets by Darrell Hardy 11 exemplarCC03
Nocturnum Master Collection by Darrell Hardy 6 exemplarCC04
Call of Cthulhu: Nocturnum by Fantasy Flight Games 39 exemplarCC05
The Past is Doomed by Geoff Gillan 3 exemplarCR3004
Curse of the Yellow Sign: Digging For a Dead God by John Wick 2 exemplarCurse of the Yellow Sign Act 1
Curse of the Yellow Sign: Calling the King by John Wick 2 exemplarCurse of the Yellow Sign Act 2
Curse of the Yellow Sign by John Wick 2 exemplarCurse of the Yellow Sign
Our Ladies of Sorrow by Kevin Ross 18 exemplarMRP0005
The Things We Leave Behind: Six Adventures Into Horror and the Unknown by Stephanie McAlea 7 exemplar, 1 recension
Fear's Sharp Little Needles by Jeff Moeller 4 exemplar
Aspirations - a Companion to Fear's Sharp Little Needles by Stygian Fox 2 exemplar
Legs by Jim Phillips 2 exemplar
Call of Cthulhu - Cthulhu Now --- Scanned by Number 6 --- 1 exemplar
Microsoft Word - The Brunholt Head.doc 1 exemplar

Delta Green

Delta Green by Dennis Detwiller 218 exemplar, 1 recensionPAG1005 (1st edition), PAG1010 (2nd edition)
Delta Green: Countdown by Dennis Detwiller 126 exemplarPAG1008
Delta Green: Eyes Only by Dennis Detwiller 71 exemplar, 1 recensionPAG1013, PAG2107
Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity by Warren Banks 32 exemplar, 1 recensionPAG2108
Delta Green - PX Poker Night by Dennis Detwiller 10 exemplarPAG?, APU8142
Delta Green: Eyes Only, Volume One: Machinations of the Mi-Go by Dennis Detwiller 13 exemplar2103
Delta Green: Eyes Only, Volume Two: The Fate by Dennis Detwiller 12 exemplar2104
Delta Green: Eyes Only, Volume Three: Project Rainbow by Dennis Detwiller 17 exemplar2106
Delta Green: Need to Know (Quick-Start Rulebook) by Shane Ivey 34 exemplarAPU8106 (Quickstart)
Delta Green: Agent's Handbook (APU8107) by Arc Dream Publishing 57 exemplar, 3 recensionerAPU8107
Delta Green: Kali Ghati by Shane Ivey 12 exemplarAPU8108
Delta Green: Observer Effect by Shane Ivey 9 exemplarAPU8109
Delta Green: The Star Chamber by Greg Stolze 12 exemplar, 1 recensionAPU8110
Delta Green: Extremophilia by Shane Ivey 8 exemplar, 1 recensionAPU8111
Delta Green: Music From a Darkened Room by Dennis Detwiller 12 exemplarAPU8112
Delta Green: Handler s Guide (APU8113) by Dennis Detwiller 46 exemplar, 1 recensionAPU8113
Delta Green: Viscid by Dennis Detwiller 11 exemplarAPU8114
Delta Green: A Night at the Opera (APU8115) by Dennis Detwiller 25 exemplarAPU8115
Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game (Slipcase) (APU8116) by Dennis Detwiller;Adam Scott Glancy;Kenneth Hite;Shane Ivey;Greg Stolze 6 exemplarAPU8116
Delta Green: The Last Equation by Dennis Detwiller 14 exemplarAPU8117
Delta Green: Sweetness by Dennis Detwiller 8 exemplarAPU8118
A victim of the art by Dennis Detwiller 10 exemplarAPU8119
The Labyrinth by John Scott Tynes 24 exemplar, 1 recensionAPU8121
The Complex by Christopher Gunning 17 exemplarAPU8135
Delta Green: Control Group by Shane Ivey 19 exemplarAPU8137
Ex Oblivione by Dennis Detwiller 7 exemplarAPU8138
Delta Green: Hourglass (APU8139) by Shane Ivey 8 exemplarAPU8139
Delta Green: Black Sites (APU8140) by Dennis Detwiller 11 exemplarAPU8140
Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes by Dennis Detwiller 28 exemplar, 1 recensionAPU8145
Delta Green: STATIC Protocol by Dennis Detwiller 10 exemplarAPU8146
The Fall of Delta Green by Kenneth Hite 24 exemplarPELGDG01
Delta Green: Agent Dossiers by Arc Dream Publishing 2 exemplar

Cthulhu Live

Cthulhu Live by Robert McLaughlin 24 exemplar6502 (1st edition)
Cthulhu Live: Second Edition by Robert H. McLaughlin 22 exemplar0004 (2nd edition)
Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition by Robert "Mac" McLaughlin 16 exemplar0602 (3rd edition)

Cthulhu for President


The Arkham Gazette #0 by Bret Kramer 4 exemplarSHP-AG-0
The Arkham Gazette #1 by Bret Kramer 4 exemplarSHP-AG-1
The Arkham Gazette #2 by Bret Kramer 5 exemplarSHP-AG-2
The Arkham Gazette #3 by Bret Kramer 3 exemplarSHP-AG-3
The Arkham Gazette #4 by Bret Kramer 3 exemplarSHP-AG-4
Bayt al Azif #1: A magazine for Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying games by Rich McKee 12 exemplarBayt al Azif 1
Bayt Al Azif #2 by Bridgett Jeffries 9 exemplarBayt al Azif 2
Bayt al Azif #3 by Gail Clendenin 6 exemplarBayt al Azif 3
Bayt al Azif #4 by Jared Smith 1 exemplarBayt al Azif 4
The Black Seal #1 by Adam Crossingham 5 exemplarThe Black Seal 1
The Black Seal #2 by Adam Crossingham 4 exemplarThe Black Seal 2
The Black Seal #3 by Adam Crossingham 5 exemplarThe Black Seal 3
The Blasphemous Tome Issue 1 by Paul Fricker 1 exemplarBtome00001
The Blasphemous Tome Issue 2 by Paul Fricker 1 exemplarBtome00002
The Blasphemous Tome Issue 3 by Paul Fricker 1 exemplarBtome00003
The Blasphemous Tome Issue 4 by Paul Fricker 1 exemplarBtome00004
The Blasphemous Tome, Issue 5 by Paul Fricker 2 exemplarBtome00005
The Blasphemous Tome, Issue 6 by Paul Fricker 2 exemplarBtome00006
Book of Dark Wisdom #1 by William Jones 5 exemplar, 1 recensionBook of Dark Wisdom 1
Book of Dark Wisdom #2 by William Jones 3 exemplar, 1 recensionBook of Dark Wisdom 2
Book of Dark Wisdom #3 by William Jones 4 exemplarBook of Dark Wisdom 3
Dateline: Lovecraft Issue #1 Arkham October 1928 by Dean Engelhardt 2 exemplarDateline 1
Hypergraphia Issue 0 by Various 1 exemplarHypergraphia 0
Hypergraphia #1 by Sean Murphy 1 exemplarHypergraphia 1
Hypergraphia Issue 2 by Various 2 exemplarHypergraphia 2
The Unspeakable Oath #1 by John Tynes 6 exemplarUnspeakable Oath 1
The Whisperer #1 by Mike Mason 2 exemplarWhisperer 1
The Whisperer #2 by Mike Mason 1 exemplarWhisperer 2
The Whisperer #3 by Mike Mason 1 exemplarWhisperer 3
The Whisperer #4 by Mike Mason 3 exemplarWhisperer 4
The Whisperer #5 by Mike Mason 3 exemplarWhisperer 5
Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 1 by Adam Crossingham 32 exemplarWorlds of Cthulhu 1
Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 2 by Adam Crossingham 20 exemplarWorlds of Cthulhu 2
Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 3 by Cthulhi 26 exemplarWorlds of Cthulhu 3
Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 4 by Christopher Smith Adair 24 exemplar, 1 recensionWorlds of Cthulhu 4
Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 5 by Frank Heller 18 exemplarWorlds of Cthulhu 5
Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 6 by Adam Crossingham 10 exemplarWorlds of Cthulhu 6

Related Works

Tarot of Cthulhu: Major Arcana by Kenneth Hite 3 exemplarHITE002
Cthulhu 101 (101 Books) by Kenneth Hite 36 exemplar, 1 recension


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