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The Alford & Sutton Tramway by George Dow 0 exemplar1
Railways to Cambridge, Actual and Proposed by Reginald B. Fellows 4 exemplar2
THE STEAM LORRY by R. W. Kidner 1 exemplar3
The London motor-bus 1896-1968 by R. W. Kidner 4 exemplar5
The Southern Railway 1923-1947 by R A Savill 1 exemplar6
The London tramcar, 1861-1952 by R. W. Kidner 14 exemplar7
History of the Steam Tram by H.A. Whitcombe 5 exemplar9
Cromford and High Peak Railway (Locomotion Papers 10) by A. Rimmer 24 exemplar, 1 recension10
The Development of The Trolleybus by Harold Brearley 1 exemplar11
Tramways in West Yorkshire by H. Brearley 1 exemplar13
Battery Traction on Tramways and Railways by T Illingworth 2 exemplar14
The North Eastern electrics (Locomotion papers;no.15) by Ken Hoole 1 exemplar15
The Axholme joint railway by G. Oates 0 exemplar16
Historical notes on the railways of South East Monmouthshire by Arthur J. Pritchard 1 exemplar17
The Glyn Valley Tramway (Locomotion Papers) by David Llewelyn Davies 11 exemplar18
Lee Moor Tramway; Locomotion Papers Number 19 by R.M.S.Hall 1 exemplar19
The Dublin and Blessington Tramway. Locomotion Papers No 20 by H.Fayle 2 exemplar20
Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Martin R.C. I. Price 6 exemplar21
The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway (Locomotion Papers) by N.A. Comfort 12 exemplar22
Garstang and Knott End Railway (Locomotion Papers) by R.W. Rush 4 exemplar23
Northern Northumberland's Minor Railways: Brickworks, Forestry, Contractors, Military Target Railways and Various Other Lines v.1 (Locomotion Papers) by Roger C. Jermy 5 exemplar234A
Northern Northumberland's Minor Railways: Volume two: Colliery & Associated Lines (Locomotive Papers) by Roger C. Jermy 4 exemplar, 1 recension234B
Northern Northumberland's Minor Railways: Volume Three: Sandstone, Whinstone & Gravel Lines (Locomotion Papers) by Roger C. Jermy 3 exemplar234C
Northern Northumberland's Minor Railways: Volume 4: Limestone Industry Lines (Locomotion Papers) by Roger C. Jermy 3 exemplar234D
The Schull and Skibbereen Tramway and Light Railway (Locomotion papers) by Alan Thomas Newham 1 exemplar24
The Weston Clevedon and Portishead Railway by Colin G. Maggs 8 exemplar25
Trafford Park Tramways;Locomotion papers Number 26 by Edward gray 1 exemplar26
Showman's Engines by W. Pickles 1 exemplar27
The Saundersfoot Railway by M.R.C. Price 5 exemplar28
The Dublin and Lucan Tramway; Locomotion Papers Number 29 by A.T.Newman 1 exemplar29
The Ashover Light Railway by K. P. Plant 10 exemplar30
Bioscope shows and their engines: Published to commemorate the 70th birthday of cinematography (Locomotion papers;no.31) by Arthur Fay 1 exemplar31
The Lambourn Valley Railway by M. R. C. Price 3 exemplar32
Listowel and Ballybunion Railway (Locomotion Papers) by A.T. Newham 15 exemplar33
Dartford Loop Line (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 3 exemplar34
The Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway (Locomotion papers;no.35) by R. W. Kidner 4 exemplar35
The North Sunderland Railway (Locomotion Papers; no. 36) by Alan Wright 4 exemplar36
Peak Forest Tramway by David Ripley 13 exemplar38
Cork and Muskerry Light Railway (Locomotion Papers) by S.C. Jenkins 3 exemplar39
The Davington Light Railway; Locomotion Papers Number 40 by M.Minter Taylor 1 exemplar40
Portstewart Tramway Locomotion Papers 41 by J.R.L. Currie 1 exemplar41
The London country bus (Locomotion papers) by J. S. Wagstaff 1 exemplar42
The Gloucester & Cheltenham Railway and the Leckhampton Quarry tramroads by David Ewart Bick 4 exemplar43
The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (Locomotion paper) by Peter Edward Boyce Butler 3 exemplar44
The Campbeltown and Machrihanish Railway; Locomotion Papers Number 45 by A.D.Farr 1 exemplar45
The Easingwold Railway by Kenneth E. Hartley 2 exemplar46
The East Kent Railway; Locomotion Papers Number 47 by A.R. Catt 1 exemplar47
Great Western London suburban services by Thomas B. Peacock 11 exemplar48
Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Stanley C. Jenkins 4 exemplar, 1 recension49
The Swansea & Mumbles Railway by Charles E. Lee 12 exemplar50
Lowgill Branch: A Lost Route to Scotland (Locomotion Papers) by R.G. Western 3 exemplar51
The Bath Tramways (Locomotion Papers) by Colin G. Maggs 4 exemplar52
British Steam Railcars;Locomotion Papers Number 53 by R.W. Rush 2 exemplar53
Life at Brighton Loco Works (Locomotion Papers) by A C Perryman 1 exemplar54
The Nidd Valley Light Railway by D.J. Croft 2 exemplar55
Kent and East Sussex Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Stephen Garrett 12 exemplar56
The London RT bus : the story of London's longest-lasting bus by J. S. Wagstaff 4 exemplar57
The Oxted Line: Locomotion Papers No. 58 0 exemplar58
Bournemouth Trams and Buses (Locomotion papers) by C.G. Roberts 2 exemplar59
Pier Railways and Tramways of the British Isles (Locomotion Papers) by Keith Turner 6 exemplar60
The Cambridge Street tramways by S L. Swingle 2 exemplar61
London Independent Bus Operators 1922-1933 by D. E. Brewster 5 exemplar62
Brookes' Industrial Railways; Locomotion Papers Number 63 by S.A.Leleux 1 exemplar63
The "Brighton Baltics" by A C Perryman 4 exemplar64
Swindon Tramways and Electricity Undertaking (Locomotive Papers No. 65) by L. J Dalby 2 exemplar65
My Seventy Years with Traction Engines by Charles E Hoooker 0 exemplar67
Railways of Purbeck (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 5 exemplar68
Highbridge in Its Heyday (Locomotion Papers) by Colin G. Maggs 4 exemplar69
Cement Railways of Kent; Locomotion Papers Number 70 by B.D.Stoyel 1 exemplar70
The Little Eaton Gangway; Locomotion Papers Number 71 by D.Ripley 2 exemplar71
Westerham Valley Railway (Locomotion Papers) by David Gould 8 exemplar72
Kinver Light Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Keith Turner 8 exemplar73
The Wotton Tramway (Brill Branch) by Ken Jones 4 exemplar75
Railways and Mineral Tramways of Rossendale; Locomotion Papers number 66 by B.Roberts 4 exemplar76
Isle of Grain Railways; Locomotion Papers Number 77 by Adrian Gray 1 exemplar77
The Weston-super-Mare tramways by Colin Gordon Maggs 2 exemplar78
The Reading to Tonbridge Line. Oakwood Locomotion Papers No 79 by R. W. Kidner 3 exemplar79
Cardiff's Electric Tramways (Locomotion Papers 81) by David Gould 6 exemplar81
Military traction engines and lorries, 1858-1918 by R. W. Kidner 1 exemplar82
The London 'Routemaster' bus by J. S. Wagstaff 4 exemplar83
Travelling shows and roundabouts by Arthur Sellman 1 exemplar84
Fairford Branch: Witney and East Gloucestershire Railway (Locomotion Papers 86) by Stanley C. Jenkins 6 exemplar86
Horsham-Guildford Direct Railway (Locomotion Papers) by H.R. Hodd 4 exemplar87
Diesel locomotives of the LMS by J.W.P. Rowledge 3 exemplar88
Bradford tramways by D.J. Croft 2 exemplar90
The Lickey Incline by H. C. Casserley 5 exemplar91
The Wantage Tramway by Reg Wilkinson 4 exemplar92
SOUTHERN RAILWAY BRANCH LINES IN THE THIRTIES (locomotion papers no.93) by R. W. Kidner 2 exemplar93
The Lancaster and Morecambe tramways by S Shuttleworth 2 exemplar95
The Elsenham and Thaxted Railway; Locomotion Papers Number 96 by Peter Paye 2 exemplar96
Fireless Locomotives by Allan Baker 2 exemplar97
British Battery Electric Buses by David Kaye 2 exemplar98
The Maunsell Moguls by J.W.P. Rowledge 1 exemplar99
The Goole and Selby Railway; Locomotion Papers Number 100 by C.T.Goode 1 exemplar100
The London single-deck bus of the fifties by J. S. Wagstaff 1 exemplar101
North Kent Line (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 3 exemplar103
Buses on the Continent, 1898-1976 (Locomotion Papers) by J. F. J. Kuipers 1 exemplar, 1 recension104
Newport Trams by Colin G. Maggs 1 exemplar105
Passenger Tramways of Pontypridd (Locomotion Papers) by R. Large 5 exemplar106
The Sidmouth, Seaton & Lyme Regis Branches by Colin Maggs 3 exemplar107
The Tattenham Corner Branch LP108 by Owen N 0 exemplar108
King's Cross in the Twenties [Locomotion Papers Number One Hundred and Ten] by W. Thrower 2 exemplar110
The Barnstaple & IIfracombe Railway (Locomotion Papers 111) by C. MAGGS 2 exemplar111
The Leamington and Warwick tramways by Susan Lesley Swingle 1 exemplar112
The Caldon Canal and Tramways; Locomotion Papers Number 116 by Peter Lead 1 exemplar116
Newhaven and Seaford Branch (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 7 exemplar117
The Railways of Port Sunlight and Bromborough Port. Oakwood Railway History No 121 by M D Lister 6 exemplar121
Minor Standard Gauge Railways (Locomotion Papers; No. 129) by R. W. Kidner 8 exemplar129
Ely and St. Ives Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Peter Paye 4 exemplar136
The Wye Valley Railway by Brian Michael Handley 11 exemplar137
The Waterloo to Southampton Line (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 6 exemplar140
The Stoke to Market Drayton Line and Associated Canals and Mineral Branches (Locomotion Papers) by C.R. Lester 5 exemplar142
The Brookwood Necropolis Railway (Locomotion Papers) by John M. Clarke 29 exemplar143
Kettering to Huntingdon Line (Locomotion Papers) by John Rhodes 3 exemplar146
Southern Suburban Steam, 1860-1967 (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 3 exemplar147
Southern Railway Halts: Survey and Gazetteer (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 8 exemplar, 1 recension156
Branch Lines to Ramsey (Locomotion Papers) by John Rhodes 6 exemplar157
The Horncastle and Woodhall Junction Railway by A.J. Ludlam 2 exemplar158
Lincolnshire Potato Railways (Locomotion Papers) by Stewart E. Squires 10 exemplar163
Pullman cars on the "Southern", 1875-1972 (Locomotion papers) by R. W. Kidner 2 exemplar164
The Colne Valley and Halstead Railway (Locomotion Papers) by R. A. Whitehead 2 exemplar166
The USA 756th RSB (Railway Shop Battalion) at Newport (Ebbw Junction) by Eric R. Mountford 6 exemplar170
Solway Junction Railway (Locomotion Papers, Lp176) by Stuart Edgar 7 exemplar176
The Rothbury Branch (Locomotion Papers) by Stanley C. Jenkins 6 exemplar180
The Seaton Branch and Seaton Tramway (Locomotion Papers 182) by Colin G. Maggs 3 exemplar182
The Mangotsfield to Bath Branch (Locomotion Papers) by Colin G. Maggs 6 exemplar183
The Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway by Keith Turner 8 exemplar187
Tramways of Lytham St. Annes (Locomotion Papers 189) by P H Abell 4 exemplar189
The Lampeter, Aberayron and New Quay Light Railway (locomotion papers no.191) by M.R.C. Price 5 exemplar191
Llantrisant Branches of the Taff Vale Railway: A History of the Llantrisant and Taff Vale Junction Railway and the Treferig Valley Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Colin Chapman 5 exemplar192
Sidmouth and Budleigh Salterton Branches (Locomotion Papers) by Colin G. Maggs 4 exemplar193
The Harpenden to Hemel Hempstead Railway: The Nickey Line (Locomotion Papers) by Sue Woodward 4 exemplar197
Kingsbridge Branch: The Primrose Line (Locomotion Papers) by Ken Williams 8 exemplar199
Nelson and Ynysybwl Branches of the Taff Vale Railway (Locomotion Papers No.200) by Colin Chapman 5 exemplar200
The Huddersfield and Kirkburton Branch (Locomotion Papers) by J.N. Fisher 3 exemplar202
Gwendraeth Valleys Railway: Kidwelly to Mynydd-y-Garreg (Locomotion Papers) by M.R.C. Price 3 exemplar204
Pullman Trains of Great Britain (Locomotion Papers) by R. W. Kidner 10 exemplar210
The Glencorse Branch (Locomotion Papers) by Jeff Hurst 4 exemplar211
Rails to Poole Harbour (Locomotion Papers) by Colin Stone 7 exemplar213
Carrying Coals to Dunston: Coal and the Railway (Locomotion Papers) by Ernest Manns 7 exemplar216
The Ross Monmouth and Pontypool Road Line (Locomotion Papers) by Stanley C. Jenkins 9 exemplar220
The Fawley Branch: The Story of the Tottom, Hythe and Fawley Light Railway (Locomotion Papers) by J.R. Fairman 5 exemplar, 1 recension221
Rails to Achill: A West of Ireland Branch Line (Locomotion Papers) by Jonathan Beaumont 5 exemplar222
Cliff Railways of the British Isles (Locomotion Papers) by Keith Turner 3 exemplar223
Horse Trams of the British Isles (Locomotion Papers 227) by R.W. Rush 6 exemplar227
By Great Western to Crewe: The Story of the Wellington to Nantwich and Crewe Line (Locomotion Papers) by Bob R.W. Yate 3 exemplar228
The Snape Branch by Peter Paye 2 exemplar229
The Hadleigh Branch (Locomotion Papers) by Peter Paye 1 exemplar230
Culm Valley Light Railway: Tiverton Junction to Hemyock (Locomotion Papers) by Colin G. Maggs 5 exemplar231
The Coniston Railway (Locomotive Papers) by Robert Western 6 exemplar232
The Framlingham Branch (Locomotive Papers) by Peter Paye 4 exemplar233
The Bishop's Stortford Dunmow & Braintree branch by Peter Paye 7 exemplar235
Aldeburgh Branch by Peter Paye 1 exemplar236
The Bristol-Radstock-Frome Line by Colin G. Maggs 1 exemplar237
Industrial Tramways of the Vale of Llangollen (Locomotion Papers) by John Thomas 4 exemplar238
Caersws: The Cambrian Railways Village (Locomotion Papers) by Brian Poole 2 exemplar239
The Redditch & Evesham Line by Bob Yate 0 exemplar240
The Saffron Walden Branch by P Paye 8 exemplar241
Ramsey East Branch by Peter Paye 1 exemplar243
The Whitby-Loftus Line (Locomotion Papers) by Michael Williams 3 exemplar244
The Yorkshire Lines of the LNWR by Neil Fraser 1 exemplar245


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