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St. John Chrysostom: Six Books on the Priesthood (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Popular Patristics Series) by Saint John Chrysostom 351 exemplar, 1 recension1
St. Cyril of Jerusalem's Lectures on the Christian Sacraments: The Procatechesis and the Five Mystagogical Catecheses by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem 291 exemplar, 3 recensioner2
Tre försvarstal mot dem som förkastar de heliga bilderna by St. John of Damascus 387 exemplar, 1 recension3, 24
On the Incarnation: The Treatise De Incarnatione Verbi Dei by Athanasius 1,956 exemplar, 17 recensioner4, 44
St. Basil the Great on the Holy Spirit by Basilius Magnus 504 exemplar, 1 recension5
On the Holy Icons by Saint Theodore the Studite 129 exemplar6
On Marriage and Family Life by Saint John Chrystostom 250 exemplar7
St Germanus of Constantinople on the Divine Liturgy by Saint I, Patriarch of Constantinople Germanus 116 exemplar8
On Wealth and Poverty by Saint John Chrystostom 236 exemplar, 1 recension9
St. Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns On Paradise by St. Ephrem 175 exemplar, 1 recension10
St Isaac of Nineveh on Ascetical Life by Isaac of Ninevah 109 exemplar11
On the Soul and the Resurrection: St Gregory of Nyssa by Saint Gregory of Nyssa 192 exemplar12
On the Unity of Christ by Saint Cyril of Alexandria 288 exemplar13
On the Mystical Life: The Ethical Discourses, Vol. 1: The Church and the Last Things by Saint Symeon the New Theologian 90 exemplar14
On the Mystical Life: The Ethical Discourses, Vol. 2: On Virtue and Christian Life (Popular Patristics) by St. Symeon the New Theologian 59 exemplar15
On the Mystical Life: The Ethical Discourses, Vol. 3: Life, Times and Theology by Symeon 24 exemplar16
On the Apostolic Preaching by Irenaeus of Lyons 444 exemplar, 1 recension17
On the dormition of Mary : early patristic homilies by Brian J. Daley 111 exemplar18
On the Mother of God by Jacob of Serug 56 exemplar19
Om påsken by Melito of Sardis 123 exemplar, 2 recensioner20
On God and Man: The Theological Poetry of st Gregory of Nazianzus (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Se by Saint Gregory of Nazianzus 91 exemplar21
On God and Christ: The Five Theological Orations and Two Letters to Cledonius by Saint Gregory of Nazianzus 341 exemplar, 1 recension23
on the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ : Selected Writings from St. Maximus the Confessor by Maximus the Confessor 214 exemplar25
Letters from the Desert: A Selection of Questions and Responses by Saint Barsanuphius 65 exemplar26
Four Desert Fathers : Pambo, Evagrius, Macarius of Egypt, and Macarius of Alexandria : Coptic Texts Relating to the Lausiac History of Palladius by Tim Vivian 110 exemplar27
St. Macarius The Spirit Bearer: Coptic Texts Relating To Saint Macarius the Great by Tim Vivian 51 exemplar28
Tertullian, Cyprian, and Origen on the Lord's Prayer by Alistair Stewart-Sykes 95 exemplar29
On The Human Condition: St Basil the Great by St. Basil the Great 140 exemplar, 1 recension30
The Cult of the Saints by Chrysostomus. Johannes 75 exemplar31
On the Church: Select Treatises by St Cyprian of Carthage 91 exemplar, 1 recension32
On the Church: Select Letters by Cyprian 58 exemplar33
Pastoral Care by St. Gregory the Great 430 exemplar34
Wider Than Heaven: Eighth-century Homilies on the Mother of God by Mary B. Cunningham 40 exemplar35
Festal Orations (Popular Paristics Series) by St Gregory Nazianzus 55 exemplar36
Counsels on the Spiritual Life: Mark the Monk (Popular Patristics) by Tim Vivian 49 exemplar37
On Social Justice: St. Basil the Great (Popular Patristics) by C. Paul Schroeder 121 exemplar, 1 recension38
Harp of Glory: An African Akathist (Popular Patristics) by John A McGuckin 36 exemplar39
Hymns of the divine loves. by St. Symeon the New Theologian 96 exemplar40
On the Two Ways, Life or Death, Light or Darkness: Foundational Texts (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press's Popular Patristics Series) by Alistair Stewart 31 exemplar41
Works on the Spirit PPS43 (Popular Patristics Series) by St. Athanasius the Great 57 exemplar43
Treasure-house of Mysteries: Explorations of the Sacred Text through Poetry in the Syriac Tradition, PPS 45 (Popular Patristics) by Sebastian Brock 27 exemplar45
Poems on Scripture, PPS 46 (Popular Patristics) by Saint Gregory of Nazianzus 39 exemplar46
On Christian Doctrine and Practice, PPS 47 (Popular Patristics) by Saint Basil the Great 47 exemplar47
Light on the Mountain: Greek Patristic and Byzantine Homilies on the Transfiguration of the Lord, PPS48 (Popular Patristics) by Brian E. Daley S. J. 30 exemplar48
The Letters, PPS49 (Popular Patristics) by ignatius of antioch 27 exemplar49
On Fasting and Feasts, PPS50 (Popular Patristics) by St. Basil the Great 36 exemplar50
On Christian Ethics, PPS51 (Popular Patristics) by St. Basil the Great 30 exemplar51
Give Me a Word: The Alphabetical Sayings of the Desert Fathers, PPS52 (Popular Patristics) by John Wortley 23 exemplar52
Two Hundred Chapters on Theology (Popular Patristics) by St. Maximus the Confessor 30 exemplar53
On Pascha : with the fragments of Melito and other material related to the Quartodecimans by Melito of Sardis 24 exemplar55
Saint John Chrysostom Letters to Saint Olympia (Popular Patristics) by Chrysostomus. Johannes 24 exemplar56
The Testament of the Lord : an English version by Translator : Alistair Stewart 9 exemplar58
On the Ecclesiastical Mystagogy - A Theological Vision of the Liturgy by St. Maximus the Confessor. by Jonathan J. Armstrong 15 exemplar59

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