SerierLibrary of New Testament Studies

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Apocalypticism, Anti-Semitism and the Historical Jesus: Subtexts in Criticism (Library of New Testament Studies) by John S. Kloppenborg 18 exemplar
Bowing before Christ - Nodding to the State? (The Library of New Testament Studies) by Dorothea H. Bertschmann 4 exemplar
The New Testament as reception by Mogens Müller 6 exemplar
Paul and Judaism: Crosscurrents in Pauline Exegesis and the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations (The Library of New Testament Studies) by Reimund Bieringer 3 exemplar
A Discourse Analysis of the Letter to the Hebrews: The Relationship between Form and Meaning by Cynthia Long Westfall 11 exemplar, 1 recension297
Word order of the gospel of Luke and its foregrounded messages by Ivan Shing Chung Kwong 0 exemplar298
Being conformed to Christ in community : a study of maturity, maturation, and the local church in the undisputed Pauline Epistles by James G. Samra 7 exemplar320
The Fourth Gospel And the Quest for Jesus: Modern Foundations Reconsidered (Library of New Testament Studies) by Paul N. Anderson 13 exemplar, 1 recension321
Heavenly Perspective: A Study of the Apostle Paul's Response to a Jewish Mystical Movement at Colossae by Ian Smith 10 exemplar326
Jesus and the origins of the Gentile mission by Michael F. Bird 11 exemplar331
The branches of the Gospel of John : the reception of the Fourth Gospel in the early church by Kyle Keefer 5 exemplar332
Cosmology and New Testament Theology (Library of New Testament Studies) by Jonathan T. Pennington 18 exemplar355
Finding Herem? : a study of Luke-Acts in the light of Herem by Hyung Dae Park 10 exemplar357
Deuteronomy in the New Testament: The New Testament and the Scriptures of Israel (Library of New Testament Studies) by Maarten J. J. Menken 15 exemplar358
A Pauline Theology of Church Leadership (Library of New Testament Studies) by Andrew D. Clarke 20 exemplar362
Purity and Worldview in the Epistle of James (Library of New Testament Studies) by Darian R. Lockett 10 exemplar366
The use of scripture in the Markan passion narrative by Kelli S. O'Brien 3 exemplar384
A Cloud of Witnesses: The Theology of Hebrews in its Ancient Contexts (The Library of New Testament Studies) by Richard J. Bauckham 16 exemplar387
Regulations concerning tongues and prophecy in 1 Corinthians 14.26-40 : relevance beyond the Corinthian Church by Elim Hiu 5 exemplar406
Former Jew: Paul and the Dialectics of Race (Library Of New Testament Studies) by Love L. Sechrest 4 exemplar410
Paul and the second century by Michael F. Bird 8 exemplar412
Christology, Hermeneutics, and Hebrews: Profiles from the History of Interpretation by Jon C. Laansma 14 exemplar423
The common tradition behind synoptic sayings of judgment and John's Apocalypse : an oral interpretive tradition of OT prophetic material by Paul T. Penley 3 exemplar424
Reading Acts today : essays in honour of Loveday C.A. Alexander by Loveday Alexander 0 exemplar427
Prayer and vindication in Luke-Acts : the theme of prayer within the context of the legitimating and edifying objective of the Lukan narrative by Geir O. Holmas 16 exemplar433
The conversion of the nations in Revelation by Allan J McNicol 10 exemplar438
The Messiah, his brothers, and the nations : (Matthew 1.1-17) by Jason B. Hood 8 exemplar, 1 recension441
Abuse, Power and Fearful Obedience: Reconsidering 1 Peter?s Commands to Wives (Library Of New Testament Studies) by Jennifer G. Bird 4 exemplar442
Mockery and secretism in the social world of Mark's Gospel by Dietmar Neufeld 4 exemplar503