SerierStudies in Ancient Oriental Civilization

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Extraction & control : studies in honor of Matthew W. Stolper by Matthew W. Stolper 1 exemplar
Grammatical Case in the Languages of the Middle East and Beyond: Acts of the International Colloquium Variations, concurrence et evolution des cas ... (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization) by Michele Fruyt 2 exemplar
Perspectives on Ptolemaic Thebes: Occasional Proceedings of the Theban Workshop (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization) by Peter F. Dorman 2 exemplar
Studies in the Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands in Memory of Douglas L. Esse (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilizations) by Samuel R. Wolff 1 exemplar
Hittite hieroglyphs by Ignace J. Gelb 1 exemplar2
The monasteries of the Fayyum by Nabia Abbott 2 exemplar16
Hurrians and Subarians by Ignace J. Gelb 5 exemplar22
The comparative archeology of early Mesopotamia by Ann Louise Perkins 15 exemplar25
The calendars of ancient Egypt by Richard Anthony Parker 1 exemplar26
Occurrences of Pyramid Texts with Cross Indexes of These and Other Egyptian Mortuary Texts by Thomas George Allen 2 exemplar27
The Hilly flanks and beyond : essays on the prehistory of southwestern Asia presented to Robert J. Braidwood, November l5, l982 by Cuyler Young 3 exemplar36
The book of the dead : or, Going forth by day : ideas of the ancient Egyptians concerning the hereafter as expressed in their own terms by Thomas George Allen 13 exemplar37
Demotic Verbal System (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization Saoc No. 38) by Janet H. Johnson 7 exemplar38
Ancient Egyptian coregencies by William J. Murnane 2 exemplar40
Ecology and empire: the structure of the Urartian state by Paul E. Zimansky 3 exemplar41
The Road to Kadesh: A Historical Interpretation of the Battle Reliefs of King Sety I at Karnak (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization) by William J. Murnane 5 exemplar42
A Neolithic village at Tell el Kowm in the Syrian Desert by dornemannrudolphh 2 exemplar43
Nippur neighborhoods by Elizabeth C. Stone 2 exemplar44
Thus Wrote Onchsheshonqy: An Introductory Grammar of Demotic (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization : No. 45) by Janet H. Johnson 15 exemplar45
The Organization of Power: Aspects of Bureaucracy in the Ancient Near East (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization) by Robert D. Biggs 3 exemplar46
Essays in ancient civilization presented to Helene J. Kantor by Helene J. Kantor 4 exemplar47
A Critical Study of the Temple Scroll from Qumran Cave 11 by M.O. Wise 3 exemplar49
Life in a multi-cultural society : Egypt from Cambyses to Constantine and beyond by Janet H. Johnson 7 exemplar51
A late period hieratic wisdom text : (P. Brooklyn 47.218.135) by Richard Lewis Jasnow 2 exemplar52
Glass from Quseir Al-Qadim and the Indian Ocean Trade by Carol Meyer 3 exemplar53
The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice by Robert K Ritner 43 exemplar, 3 recensioner54
For His Ka: Essays Offered in Memory of Klaus Baer by David P. Silverman 3 exemplar55
Portrait mummies from Roman Egypt (I-IV centuries A.D.) : with a catalog of portrait mummies in Egyptian museums by Lorelei Hilda Corcoran 4 exemplar56
Gold of Praise: Studies in Ancient Egypt in Honor of Edward F. Wente by Emily Teeter 8 exemplar58
Studies in Semitic and Afroasiatic Linguistics Presented to Gene B. Gragg (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization - No. 60) by Cynthia L. Miller 4 exemplar60
Sacred Space and Sacred Function in Ancient Thebes (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization) by Peter F. Dorman 6 exemplar61
Beyond the Ubaid: Transformation and Integration in the Late Prehistoric Societies of the Middle East by Robert A. Carter 3 exemplar63


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