SerierCambridge Studies on the American South

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African-Atlantic Cultures and the South Carolina Lowcountry by Ras Michael Brown 4 exemplar2012
At the Altar of Lynching: Burning Sam Hose in the American South by Donald G. Mathews 3 exemplar2017
Beyond the Rope: The Impact of Lynching on Black Culture and Memory by Karlos K. Hill 4 exemplar2016
Carolina's Golden Fields: Inland Rice Cultivation in the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1670-1860 by Hayden R Smith 1 exemplar2019
Civil War and Agrarian Unrest: The Confederate South and Southern Italy by Enrico Dal Lago 3 exemplar2018
Claiming the Union: Citizenship in the Post-Civil War South by Professor Susanna Michele Lee 0 exemplar2014
Contesting Slave Masculinity in the American South by David Stefan Doddington 1 exemplar2018
Cultivating Success in the South: Farm Households in the Postbellum Era by Lou Ferleger 2 exemplar2014
Death and the American South by Craig Thompson Friend 4 exemplar2014
Dollars for Dixie: Business and the Transformation of Conservatism in the Twentieth Century by Katherine Rye Jewell 2 exemplar2017
Freedom in a Slave Society: Stories from the Antebellum South by Johanna Nicol Shields 6 exemplar2012
The Georgia Peach: Culture, Agriculture, and Environment in the American South by William Thomas Okie 3 exemplar2016
Jefferson's Freeholders and the Politics of Ownership in the Old Dominion by Christopher Michael Curtis 7 exemplar2012
Mastering America: Southern Slaveholders and the Crisis of American Nationhood by Robert E. Bonner 12 exemplar2009
Masterless Men: Poor Whites and Slavery in the Antebellum South by Keri Leigh Merritt 38 exemplar, 1 recension2017
Masters, Slaves, and Exchange: Power's Purchase in the Old South by Kathleen M. Hilliard 9 exemplar2013
The Merchants' Capital: New Orleans and the Political Economy of the Nineteenth-Century South by Scott P. Marler 10 exemplar2013
A New Plantation World: Sporting Estates in the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1900-1940 by Daniel J. Vivian 2 exemplar2018
Performing Disunion: The Coming of the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina by Lawrence T. McDonnell 2 exemplar2018
Rebels Against the Confederacy: North Carolina's Unionists by Barton A. Myers 9 exemplar, 1 recension2014
Religion, Community, and Slavery on the Colonial Southern Frontier by James Van Horn Melton 5 exemplar2015
Religion, Race, and the Making of Confederate Kentucky, 1830-1880 by Luke E. Harlow 7 exemplar2014
Rethinking American Emancipation: Legacies of Slavery and the Quest for Black Freedom by William A. Link 2 exemplar2015
Reviewing the South: The Literary Marketplace and the Southern Renaissance, 1920-1941 by Sarah E. Gardner 2 exemplar2017
Slavery and Forced Migration in the Antebellum South by Dr Damian Alan Pargas 6 exemplar2014
Slavery, Disease, and Suffering in the Southern Lowcountry by Peter McCandless 11 exemplar2011
The Sweetness of Life: Southern Planters at Home by Eugene D. Genovese 6 exemplar2017
Thomas Jefferson and American Nationhood by Brian Douglas Steele 5 exemplar2012
Thomas Jefferson's Ethics and the Politics of Human Progress: The Morality of a Slaveholder by Ari Helo 5 exemplar2013
War Stuff: The Struggle for Human and Environmental Resources in the American Civil War by Joan E. Cashin 11 exemplar2018
Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South by Jonathan Daniel Wells 7 exemplar2011


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