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'Being Alive Well': Health and the Politics of Cree Well-Being (Anthropological Horizons) by Naomi Adelson 15 exemplar
Being Māori in the city : indigenous everyday life in Auckland by Natacha Gagné 4 exemplar
Between history and histories : the making of silences and commemorations by Gavin A. Smith 1 exemplar
Between History and Histories: The Making of Silences and Commemorations (Anthropological Horizons) by Gerald Sider 12 exemplar
Beyond Bodies: Rainmaking and Sense Making in Tanzania (Anthropological Horizons) by Todd Sanders 7 exemplar
Colonial 'Reformation' in the Highlands of Central Sulawesi Indonesia,1892-1995 (Anthropological Horizons) by Albert Schrauwers 3 exemplar
The Cultural Politics of Markets: Economic Liberalization and Social Change in Nepal by Katharine Neilson Rankin 3 exemplar
The Cultural World in Beowulf by John M. Hill 5 exemplar
Deathly waters and hungry mountains : agrarian ritual and class formation in an Andean town by Peter Gose 3 exemplar
Dimensions of Development: History, Community, and Change in Allpachico, Peru (Anthropological Horizons) by Susan Vincent 3 exemplar
The double twist : from ethnography to morphodynamics by Pierre Maranda 5 exemplar
Eh, paesan!: being Italian in Toronto by Nicholas DeMaria Harney 5 exemplar
Figured Worlds: Ontological Obstacles in Intercultural Relations (Anthropological Horizons) by J. R. Clammer 5 exemplar
From equality to inequality : social change among newly sedentary Lanoh hunter-gatherer traders of Peninsular Malaysia by Csilla Dallos 3 exemplar
Guardians of the Transcendent: An Ethnography of a Jain Ascetic Community (Anthropological Horizons) by Anne Vallely 7 exemplar
The Hakkas of Sarawak: Sacrificial Gifts in Cold War Era Malaysia by Kee Howe Yong 4 exemplar
The heart of Helambu : ethnography and entanglement in Nepal by Tom O'Neill 2 exemplar
The Hot and the Cold: Ills of Humans and Maize in Native Mexico (Anthropological Horizons) by Jacques M. Chevalier 4 exemplar
The House of Difference: Cultural Politics and National Identity in Canada (Anthropological Horizons) by Eva Mackey 12 exemplar
In light of Africa : globalizing blackness in northeast Brazil by Allan Charles Dawson 3 exemplar
Invaders as ancestors : on the intercultural making and unmaking of Spanish colonialism in the Andes by Peter Gose 5 exemplar
Irish Travellers: Racism and the Politics of Culture (Anthropological Horizons) by Jane Helleiner 7 exemplar
An Irish working class : explorations in political economy and hegemony, 1800-1950 by M. Silverman 3 exemplar
Kaleidoscopic Odessa: History and Place in Contemporary Ukraine (Anthropological Horizons) by Tanya Richardson 8 exemplar
Knowledge and practice in Mayotte : local discourses of Islam, sorcery and spirit possession by Michael Lambek 5 exemplar
Lonergan and Feminism (Anthropological Horizons) 1 exemplar
Making it their own : Severn Ojibwe communicative practices by Lisa Philips Valentine 6 exemplar
Maps of experience : the anchoring of land to story in Secwepemc discourse by Andie Diane Palmer 5 exemplar
Milanese encounters : public space and vision in contemporary urban Italy by Cristina Moretti 2 exemplar
Of Property and Propriety: The Role of Gender and Class in Imperialism by Himani Bannerji 6 exemplar
Paradise: Class, Commuters, and Ethnicity in Rural Ontario (Anthropological Horizons) by Stanley Barrett 8 exemplar
People of substance : an ethnography of morality in the Colombian Amazon by Carlos David Londoño Sulkin 4 exemplar
The Politics of the Past in an Argentine Working-Class Neighbourhood (Anthropological Horizons) by Lindsay DuBois 5 exemplar
Razing Africville: A Geography of Racism by Jennifer Nelson 15 exemplar
Remembering Nayeche and the gray bull Engiro : African storytellers of the Karamoja Plateau and the Plains of Turkana by Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler 2 exemplar
Revenge of the windigo : construction of the mind and mental health of North American Aboriginal peoples by James B. Waldram 8 exemplar
The Rock Where We Stand: An Ethnography of Women's Activism in Newfoundland (Anthropological Horizons) by Glynis George 5 exemplar
Rural nostalgias and transnational dreams : identity and modernity among Jat Sikhs by Nicola Mooney 3 exemplar
Theorizing the Americanist Tradition (Anthropological Horizons) by Lisa P. Valentine 2 exemplar
Theorizing the Americanist Tradition (Anthropological Horizons) 1 exemplar
Tournaments of Value: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town (Anthropological Horizons) by Anne Meneley 24 exemplar, 1 recension
Transforming Indigeneity: Urbanization and Language Revitalization in the Brazilian Amazon (Anthropological Horizons) by Sarah Shulist 1 exemplar
The Varieties of Sensory Experience: A Sourcebook in the Anthropology of the Senses (Anthropological Horizons) by David Howes 9 exemplar
We Are Now a Nation: Croats Between 'Home' and 'Homeland' by Daphne N. Winland 2 exemplar
We Are Still Didene: Stories of Hunting and History from Northern British Columbia by Thomas McIlwraith 4 exemplar
Why the porcupine is not a bird : explorations in the folk zoology of an eastern Indonesian people by Gregory L. Forth 2 exemplar
A World of Relationships: Itineraries, Dreams, and Events in the Australian Western Desert (Anthropological Horizons) by Sylvie Poirier 5 exemplar
Writing and colonialism in northern Ghana : the encounter between the LoDagaa and "The world on paper", 1892-1991. by Sean Hawkins 4 exemplar
Youth and identity politics in South Africa, 1990-1994 by S. Nombuso Dlamini 2 exemplar
Mal'uocchiu ambiguity, evil eye, and the language of distress by Sam Migliore 14 exemplar10


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