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May 17, 2013
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Alison C. Dibble
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I read widely. I like many different kinds of books, old and new, fiction and non, illustrated and not. My house is full of books that I am trying not to trip over, and I read ebooks, too. I read books about creative writing, art, history, natural history, how-to, agricultural reports, real-life adventure, biography, gardening, mountains, language, and bees. I like poetry and short stories. If I see a book at a used book sale that is old, not in very good condition, and not valued much by most of the world, I am likely to be interested in it! It's a habit.
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Author of A Skeptic's Luck

Storyteller with background in science and art, lives in coastal Maine, USA. She blogs about creative writing at
Brooklin, Maine
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