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Andrew A.
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I mostly keep books on History, generally topics like the Civil War, WWII, WWI, Korean War, and some on Vietnam. I like US History and biographies on US Presidents and the founding fathers of the United States. I love learning and will read almost anything that interests me especially if I can learn something from what I read. I also like to read about the USSR, China, and the holocaust and learn what I can about these countries and moments in history. I like to find old books that are no longer in print when I can. I buy most of my books at thrift stores and love to save an old book from the dump.
Om mig
I live in the Pacific Northwest near Mount Hood. I love History especially US history. I mostly read historical books, a lot of books on the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the holocaust and history and politics in general. I love to learn and seek knowledge on many topics. I try and keep up to date on what is occurring geopolitically. I am always reading and listening to books. I love to buy first edition and save old books from antique stores and thrift stores. I enjoy sharing books from my little library I keep outside my home. I read and listen to many books on my Libby app, which allows me to check out books from the library online to listen and read on my iPhone. I am a vegetarian and very concerned about how certain aspects of conservation are being deployed and abstracted by governments and large corporations. I also like to hike and love the outdoors. ***FUN FACT if you have read this far, I grew up in Portland Oregon and frequently visited Powell's books when it first opened when my mom would visit every week or two to trade in used books for more used books! Mr. Powell would always let my brother and I keep a comic book or magazine he kept in boxes or crates.

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