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Om migFreed by atomic testing from the encumbrance of a fleshy corpus, the Atomicmutant floats freely in the Plasmystical aether, reading and collecting books over all sorts of domains of inquiry. Currently on an Evolution of Consciousness kick, but could suddenly and inexplicably veer off into Elvis or the History of Popcorn at any time. I recently joined a book club and have been allowing it to open my reading to books I never would have picked up before. Thanks for visiting, feel free to leave a note!


Walt Disney World in popular and scholarly imagination
The Evolution of Consciousness
History of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism
Early Christianity 30-120 C.E.
Evolution, and the Evolution/Creation Culture Wars
Christian Dominionism and American Politics
Apollo space program and space exploration
Paleontology and Geology
Cave Art and Petroglyphs
Catching up on "Great Literature" that I've missed.

Om mitt bibliotekOtherwise known as "my piles of books", my library is pretty representative of the range of interests that I've cultivated over the years. I'm a sucker for an esoteric topic, engagingly and wittily presented, and am just as likely to nod off as anyone else on a dry topic. So I search out good writing to make history, science, and religion come alive. The horror, and movie books that I have are from way back, I'm more likely at any given time to be reading non-fiction these days. Check out my tags under "read '06", "read '07", "read '08", "read '09", "read '10", and "read '11", etc. to see what I've been chewing on lately.

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '13" LIST . . . 19 books read.
Here's to more books in '13 . . . .

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '12" LIST . . . 28 books read.
Including . . . drum roll . . . WAR AND PEACE. Yeah!

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '11" LIST . . . 41 books read.

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '10" LIST . . . 52 books read.

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '09" LIST . . . 86 books read

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '08" LIST . . . 79 books read . . .
including "On the Origin of Species"....finally!
Also, all four books of the "Lonesome Dove" series . . . *phew*
And . . . *double phew* the entirety of Dante's Divine Comedy

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '07" LIST . . . 123 books read! phew!

CLICK HERE FOR MY "READ IN '06" LIST . . . 71 books read!

GrupperAmazon's Kindle, Ancient & Mystic Society of No Homers, Ancient History, Archaeology, Audiobooks, Banned Books, Biblical History, Book Arts, Book Care and Repair, Book Design!visa alla grupper

FavoritförfattareKaren Armstrong, Bill Bryson, Albert Camus, Joseph Conrad, Robert G. Ingersoll, John Michlig, Thomas Paine, Carl Sagan, Michael Shermer, John Steinbeck (Gemensamma favoriter)


FavoritbokhandelHalf Price Books - Crystal

Riktigt namnAtomicmutant

VistelseortFloating about.


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Medlem sedanApr 26, 2006

Läser just nuChristianity: The First Three Thousand Years av Diarmaid MacCulloch
The Sound and the Fury: The Corrected Text av William Faulkner
The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer By Siddhartha Mukherjee(A)/Stephen Hoye(N) [Audiobook] av -Tantor Media-

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