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Auto-Archives maintains archives of magazines, reference books, memorabilia and photographic images relating to drivers, cars, races and the history of motor racing. Original motoring newspapers dating back to 1950, back copies of newsletters for clubs, press packs from car launches, photographs, movie films, videos, and general racing memorabilia. The Archive currently includes:
12,159 UK Magazines,
18,663 USA Magazines,
684 Worldwide Magazines,
3,178 Club Magazines,
1,781 Race Event Programs,
234 Race Media/Press Packs
11,392 Car Brochures & Press Releases
236 Auction Catalogs
74 Vehicle Workshop Manuals
4653 Books
289 Scale Models
148 Automotive & Motor Racing Posters
122 Original Autographed items
62 Calendars
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The mission of Auto-Archives is to be a world leader in the collection of Automotive and Motor Sport archive materials, and to provide the opportunity for the ‘hands-on’ education of young people into the history of the Automotive World.
Littleton, CO

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