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Axelle Darkleigh
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Reading about WWII is a passion for me... IDK WHY. but i have some religious books in here, that i have read to help me in my studys. I usually add a book to my list when im done reading it. and thats how it is.
Om mig
Hello. Im, well, a person somewhat. But i love to read (obviously, seeing that i have an active LibraryThing). mostly i read on mythological or fantasy, or just random stupid high school drama. I have read alot on WWII and the Nazis and such (just take a look at my book list). But im not a Nazi, and never will be. I'm practically obsessed with anime, i read and watch it all the time. Sebastian Michaelis (my profile picture) is my metaphorical husband.(lol, and Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez is my boyfriend. lol) HA. But anyways, Im up to book discussions, debates, and what else sounds fun. so yeah.
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