Pulitzer Prize winner. (33), really (9), 000 (7), perhaps (5), Essays on History from Around the Globe (4), or (4), murderous (3), well (3), but (3), intelligent (3), religions (3), maybe. (2), White Christian based people may not all be blessed (2), corrupt (2), Liberia (2), of course (2), Pulitzer Prize winner (2), mean (2), the Jerusalem Post) and he should be made to suffer for his sins against the truth from New York. Mr. Goad goes so far as to suggest that White People may have endured more than the Negroes and that they as a group actually exist as a larger underclass th (2), primitive (2), creepy (2), death (2), Michelangelo (2), villainous cretins as described by the co-religionists at the Times. Herr Goad must be reported to a higher authority (if there is one over the New York Times (2), disturbingly (2), Girl book. Funny and warm and nice. (2), as always (2), there appear to be points of view in conflict with its pronouncements from on high - there might (I feel faint) be other versions of the truth and (2), and shockingly (2), Oh (2), News Bulletin for the New York Times - indeed (2), no love (2), ethnicities (2), please. (2), don't you know. (2), what. (2), just maybe (2), Protestants (2), movies (2), and (2), Catholics (2), rich (2), culture (2), money (2), France (2), self-absorbed (2), witty (2), disease (2), rape (2), religion (2), drugs (2), too. (2), Muslims (2), philosophy (2), are ignored - as if there is a financial or political purpose in highlighting one set of facts over another. And so it goes. (1), the Rockefellers and the rest of the cabal of bankers who own (1), the Schiffs (1), Know this one truth. There is a cabal of bankers and business men who control the creation of and the use of money - all money in the Western world. Money is all that ultimately matters. Janet Yellen and Stanley Fischer are more powerful than the figure-h (1), the Warburgs (1), of the same genre (1), and you hear nary a word about it - it is interesting how some stories are emphasized and others (1), mainly by Muslims in North and Northwest Africa (1), and parliaments as necessary. It matters not to them because they use them all in their quest for total control. They care not about right and wrong - only success or failure. Wake the hell up. Turn off your TV (1), burn the New York Times (1), shun Hollywood movies (1), and search and read and learn. The Internet is the answer - use it and walk toward the light. Read Carol Quiggley - now (1), and genius and Bradbury is at the top of the list of great SF writers. (1), Bradbury the Wonderful. Science Fiction between 1935 and 1970 was unsurpassed in its innovation (1), You do not act independently like you think you do and your likes (1), and thoughts (1), and actions are devised and controlled by a select group of anonymous men acting in their own self interest. You are not classless and you are not clever - you are merely the product of what you allow yourself to be fed on a daily basis - you are manipula (1), goddamnit. (1), 000 Europeans were enslaved (1), Boer Second War with English 1899. Amazing what people will endure for what they really believe in - their god (1), their nation (1), their society. Mr. Reitz strained and suffered and starved for about 3 long years - all in an attempt to protect his homeland from the encroachment of the Rand Lords intent upon extracting the natural wealth of South Africa for the European Bankers - to n (1), Mr. Auster is one of those authors that critics love to love. It is difficult to know what the hell is going on in his stories and (1), like Faulkner (1), there is always an undercurrent of the unknowable - or (1), stated another way (1), the reader quits giving a damn about 100 pages in - too much work - and to what end - no great truth is revealed - no startling discovery is made - mental onanism for the amusement of the literati. (1), We never learn. Nothing ever changes. Time and again we are stampeded into war by those who profit from the experience. Our young are murdered and maimed so companies can increase their profits by 100% to 1000%. Smedley Butler was a real man - a decorated (1), and as free citizens of a nation of your creation. Act or die. (1), They are incapable of maintaining a functioning (1), really injuring them terribly (1), modern society: Detroit (1), South Africa - never their fault - never assailed for their complete immorality - we despair at the thought of having to care for them forever - no sign of progress - no likelihood of success - Detroit (1), irrecoverable (1), the Silver Dome sold for $500 (1), 000!!! - nothing to do but to flee. (1), Nothing new here although the author compiles and presents information in an orderly fashion. Sequere pecunium et qui bono - the first (perhaps the only) rule of history in Europe and the Americas since around A.D. 1750 or so. Interesting how little is sa (1), and control the various reserve banks who are highlighted in the book as if they had any independence whatsoever from their banker owners. A better book is Eustaçe Mullins' "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy' - not afraid of the bankers like Ahamed.. (1), A poorly written and disjointed book about one of the premier pugilists of all time - Harry Greb - from that period of time when men were men - and Harry Greb was a man amongst men - an 160 pounder who regularly fought guys who weighed 185 pounds or more (1), Stories about ticketless train riders - hobos. Wounded people shirk responsibility - write childish poetry and pen trite songs - no children - outliers without purpose - soylent green candidates. (1), Valuable resourçe material for the boxing fan. Keep by the bedside. (1), Startling look at bases of marketing products and conclusion that America is first and foremost an adolescent society. (1), This was a bit too much about kicking the shit out of people (1), for good reasons like they wanted to get into a nightclub but Mr. Thompson didn't want them to enter - so (1), as a nation (1), that being the case (1), it was sufficient cause to maim and incapacitate them - when we were 18 to 25 this was cool - but no mas - Mssrs. Smith and Wesson would be a good antidote for the likes of Geoff Thompson. Didn't finish it - quit about 100 pages in. It would be fascinatin (1), both trained and able to defend themselves. Prediction: Greb kayos Thompson in round one. (1), A lifeless rendition of the career of a talented man. (1), White people wake up. War of the most insidious type is being waged against you by your own representatives. Principles and precepts created only by you are employed against you by people who despise your ethos (1), but who use it to share in your propserity. There is one immutable rule of life - competition. Either you fight for your country (1), for your children (1), A window to the Jew literati and intelligentsia of New York (1), for your god and your principles (1), or you will be replaced. No non-white country on earth preaches or practices diversity. That is pablum for you passive white people. Do something. Do something now or you will (1), within 50 years (1), cease to exist as a people (1), Lame effort by L'Amour. (1), very self-satisfied (1), from about 1900 through 1945 (1), but during the continued struggle between Whites and Reds for hegemony - episodic slices of events and memories of Isaac Babel as fighting continued and continued amidst death and love and disease and criminality and empathy and hunger - the nitty gritty (1), An in depth analysis of the corrupt and pernicious government teachers monopoly and so-called union - both anti-competition and anti-merit the Teacher's Trust is sucking the life out of the education system to feed its leaders and to sustain the NEA - sec (1), CHOICE CHOICE (1), MERIT (1), MERIT. (1), Beautifully written account of the author's trying experience as a collegiate basketball player at the Citadel - Conroy is really a gifted writer - one of those who (1), every ten pages or so (1), turns out a phrase of beauty or a comment of deep insight and perceptive genius - so sad he has now passed. (1), Leftists undressed Horowitz is an intellect to be reckoned with - no doubt he will be (probably is) denounced as a right winger or an extremist or an anti-semite (even though he is a Jew) - or some other deflective type banner - but (1), he is a deep thinker and offers poignant and interesting comments about the negative side of liberals and progressives. (1), It is comforting to know that people like Dave Barry are still in the world - people who lack the taint of our bitter and harsh reality - people of empathetic character who are kind and have humorous insight - a decent man (1), who doesn't use it to slander or denounce - just to observe and comment - Thanks (1), Dave. (1), Life in communist Russia after the revolution (1), Boze Bell scores again with this chronological and illustrated presentation about the assorted badmen who spawned the mythology of the American West. (1), A special writer with keen perception. One who is able to strike just the right prose at just the right moment. She is a Katherine Anne Porter (1), Reading about Hitler is like reading about porn stars. It seems like it should be interesting but (1), it is just kind of boring and tedious and uninteresting. There is a side of things concerning World War II that has never been spoken and this sheds some light on that - no event (1), no war should ever be chronicled only by the victors (1), this book recounts tales of combat and privation and courage by veterans of Vietnam (1), second-hand stuff which (1), while it has interesting parts (1), is not up to the standard of Herr's "Dispatches" or other such first-hand accounts. Toward the second half of the book there are more stories about life at the hospital (1), which makes it more believable and acceptable. (1), but as told by a pediatrician stationed at a military hospital ("Zama") in Japan - who was never in Vietnam - so (1), Like Henry Ford and Father Coughlin Ms. Dilling merely discuses the indisputable fact that Jews have huge influence on American politics (1), and foreign affairs - that they have twice taken America to war to serve their own interests - Max (1), Felix Warburg (know them) - B'nai B'rith - ACLU - they own and operate banks (1), print media - they have been pushing "internationalism" since the 1920s - Brandeis (1), Joyce Carol Oates level writer. (1), Same old. Some kid is taught how to kill - is sent to Vietnam - he kills peasants for no apparent good reason - comes home - lives out his life as a survivor. (1), and music men. The Marx Brothers (1), think about that - in prison for not accepting a particular version of events - as if there is and can be only one version of events) - despite the participation of many groups and identities in those events. Read the book. Think about it. Decide for your (1), the Gershwins (1), Kauffman and Hart (1), et ux. Very talented (1), but ultimately pointless. He is writing (1), very superior and very funny (1), in a smug way (1), and worth reading. This book takes you into the heart of liberal thought as it had developed from Karl Marx to Franklin Roosevelt to Oppenheimer - it is a study (1), as Hugo said about Javert (1), of the evil of doing good. (1), If interested in what Hitler really was (1), what he really thought (1), whom he really hated (1), and whether he was really crazy (as opposed to being a product of his times) read this book. It is important to have access to information outside of the usual propaganda which is daily force fed via the Western Media. Keep in mind that people are in pris (1), he is (until the later pages) winning the war (1), Bombeck type humor - droll - gently amusing - kind. (1), he is among friends (1), foreign diplomats - every indication of veracity is present - he had no reason to lie - he had no reason to fear the use of what he was saying against him - he did not contemplate Nuremberg - one can argue that this is the best available insight into to t (1), No reason to read this book. Stick with his "Propaganda" which is far more illuminating and which explains exactly how we are all controlled by a small group of men dedicated strictly to their own interests. This book contains examples and techniques for (1), but with specific "how to" examples of the tenets of propaganda (which (1), Decent. Interesting about the Kiva. (1), with its soo smart and so hip writers (1), Rape "culture" - is nonsense. Girl talk. Another cultural fairy-tale bites the dust. When you think about feminist dogma remember Eve and Pandora. We live in an effete (1), girl driven society. The backlash is going to be awful. University of Virginia (1), Columbia - all lies - all ravings of well-fed women with too much freedom and too little obligation. (1), Mexico. Ghastly. Monstrous. The drug wars and their participants are out of the 13th century - savagery (1), and vicious - these guys would make a Mongol Warrior cringe - oh (1), but let us keep an open border (1), a country can never have too many 14 year-olds credited with thirty-seven murders - what we worry? (1), mainly because he has been told he is not supposed to write the things that he does. If you want to encourage the growth and vigor of an idea or a position - persecution is perfect. This is the side of the news not offered by our controlled (by whom?) med (1), A decent novel about the British in East Africa circa 1900. Tension with the (as always) evil Germans versus the (as always) pure and good English - some interesting hunting scenes - a kind of silly and trite love story between a whore and the protagonist (1), Kersey points out all of the traditional traits and peccadilloes of American blacks. Amusing (1), Most definitely read it. Think about it. Decide for yourself. (1), effeminate (1), barbarity (1), myself (1), feminist (1), George M. Cohan (1), look in the mirror (1), commentators (1), very witty (1), See my delightful and insightful review. (1), raconteurs (1), kings (1), as christians (1), operate (1), Heywood Broun (1), would you (1), Kertzer (1), Black America attacks White (and Asian) America. The MSM sits silently uninterested - but (1), then there is Trayvon and the "white Hispanic" and hysteria ensues - hmmmmn - who is behind that? I wonder. (1), Mexican politics since Vicente Fox and the influence of the Cartels. The key word for (1), the word that best describes (1), Mexico is corruption - corruption at every level within every department practiced by every politician and enforced by every police and military agency - a good people victimized by their rulers' moral insolvency. (1), A beautiful book by an obviously thoughtful and caring white man about the life (1), and death of a thoughtful and caring young black man. What a sad and wasted life. Is anyone other than Rob Peace to blame? Probably not. This story recurs in black American life - ghetto - poverty - rejection of all things white (morality (1), equanimity) - over worked but adored Mother - shiftless (1), imprisoned (in this case - and murderous) father - black man - heal thy self - white man - give him as much help as you can - we are all in this shit together - we have common enemies whom we must recognize and band together against - Peace Brothers for B (1), put on a pair of stilettos (1), get in the kitchen (1), entitled (1), by the way (1), and be quiet about it. Oh yeah (1), George Bernard Shaw (1), Dorothy Parker (1), comedians (1), creations (1), I think (1), Eugene O'Neill (1), burglaries (1), Baltimore (1), Duke University (1), socialists (1), et al (1), Jefferson County (1), legality (1), colleagues (1), Flannery O'Connor (1), St. Louis (1), me (1), actors (1), demise (1), Zinn (1), Haiti (1), Paul (1), Montgomery (1), Oddly (1), Oberlin (1), hysterical (1), prime ministers (1), tiresome (1), and bake me some pie (1), you ain't special (1), but the book lacks compelling characters or scenes or motivations. Boring is the word. Tedious. There are moments of insight but mainly the reader is overwhelmed with endless detail about meaningless things. If I were you (1), Griffith v. Paret - Arguello v Escalera - Ali/Frazier and on and on - it is a don't miss read for the boxing afficiando - like me. (1), murders - no profit motive (1), even - just base (1), woman (1), "Good riddance to bad rubbish". When will they ever learn. And so it goes. (1), Great information source about Arizona. (1), Hillary Clinton could not be any worse as a person and as a politician and as a candidate for the presidency. She has no soul (1), no moral code (1), just a burning desire to be the first woman (and a fat ugly woman at that) to be the President - she is old and slow and lacks the vibrancy necessary to work with the cabal which actually controls America - the communist Jew Israeli Bernie Sanders will pr (1), many crimes and misdemeanors over the years as a person and as a facilitator for Billy and as a shill for the financial people who control the presidency and the world. The only worse person would be Trump or Sanders or Cruz or Rubio or anyone else you ca (1), like Yellen and Fishcer. It is time to get out of Dodge City. (1), Boxing history and insight by one of the sport's premier referees - Arthur Mercante - many a great anecdote about his time with the King of Thailand and Ali and the Vandeweghes and Cosell and about the great (1), great fighs like Johannsen v. Patterson (1), don't ask - never feel guilt for having survived - don't indulge emotion - avoid spiritual hypochondria - Gurkhas (Nepalese) - Cupid's measles - everyone had talked a good game - counselling for soldiers (1), no desire to control e.g. the numbers racket or whores or politicians - just thuggery - hold-ups (1), puhleese - reality rules. (1), Combat veteran Fraser relates his experience in WW2 Burma campaign - criticizes politically correct babble about feelings and remorse and guilt for what was necessary at the time against a formidable and relentless Asian foe - unacceptable reality as bosh (1), Weakly contrived correspondence between Athenian Themistocles and Persian King Artaxerxes. Suffers from girlish inability to understand men (1), strength - just plain boring and not worth the precious time necessary to read it - especially with so many other tomes from which to choose. Save your time - select something else to read. (1), Space aliens travel to Earth to study the homeland of men - who previously conquered and controlled the universe and then disappeared - basic premise is the evil which is mankind - aggressive (1), cannibalistic - it's okay and probably won all of the awards for its "brave" (not) attack on all things human (1), and especially white people. (1), so sad (1), adventure all just drop into his lap. (1), Tepid recounting of author's failed attempt to retrace Stanley's incredible journey down the Congo River. The author quit before completing the journey while sniveling about how it was just too hard - think what Stanley went through - and he didn't have a (1), A-historical nonsense about the Apaches. Skip it. Read Eve Ball and Ängie Debo instead. (1), A successful buffalo hunt (aka senseless slaughter) is righteously ruined by the collapse of the market for hides. The point of the book escapes me. Williams writes well and controls his prose adequately (1), I would read something else. (1), rapes (female and male) (1), Thug criminal sociopath who lacked any sense of morality or decency or loyalty. Stupid crime committed by feral people. No plan (1), you ain't important (1), you've probably heard of them) is minimal or nil - sit home (1), I wish you the best in your looming lonely life - you thornback you. (1), and you don't mean anything. How about actually doing something for someone else - 297 pages and not a single act of charity or compassion or kindness - me (1), and in five more years no one will want to fornicate with you (1), and then you will really know what it is like to be alone - good luck (1), Westbrook Pegler (1), and always will be (1), - its not like members of Mr. Oshinsky's group were not involved in the Atlantic slave trade when it was lucrative - what about the 30 (1), 000 confederate prisoners who died in Yankee prisons during the Civil War - look (1), Kate Chopin covered all of this many years ago in a more literate and thoughtful way. Hey Bolick (1), crybaby who is and will remain alone in the world. No one gives a shit if she wants to be alone - go - get thee gone - because your value to society (I know (1), who is that (1), those are people other than you (1), and use your steely dan - even if he doesn't agree with you all he'll ever say is mmmmmmm. The joy! (1), and with some moral tension - this is the best bit of erotica I have been able to find - recommended. (1), we can't all just be friends as long as these foreign elements actively and relentlessly play us off against one another - wake American people - wake up right now. Mr. Oshinsky is a Jew as iare or was Foner (1), and Hobsbawm. (1), The English should have retaken Constantinople at the end of World War I - when they had the chance - they missed an opportunity to get even for anno domini 1453 - Limey weaklings - a fascinating place - the crossroads of Europe and Asia intersect. Mr. Pa (1), All you need to know about the companies making firearms. (1), The current crop of firearms highlighted and priced. (1), academics (1), 2 (1), violence (1), no more needs to be said. (1), Young man seeks life - ends up in jail - meets interesting people with unusual skills - who become his mentors - he goes with it - thievery (1), burglary - a reader more learned and smarter than many of those around him on the road - experiences prison and torture - comes out smiling but wary - ultimately realizes the emptiness of the life - converts - one of those slice of life books well worth r (1), Too much. Of everything. Vacuous indolence honed to nothingness. Hollow people depraved by prosperity unchastened by adversity. No check on immorality. This is madness. (1), Women are much better at erotica than are men. Less crass - more situational and thoughtful (1), senseless crime - mother was a disinterested junkie whore - father was a disinterested abuser - society tried and tried and tried to work with him - but he always reverted and preferred and enjoyed abusing other people to even thinking about a jjjjob - he (1)
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