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Medlem: Bill_Bibliomane

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Om migForty-something-ish. Possessed of/by one wife, two children, and a cat and dog. I earned a history degree that was of marginal career use but has made me a font of unusual information, and since have mostly worked in technology and sciences, the latter interest is also reflected in my books. I am cataloguing my library because I'd like to know once and for all just how bad the bibliomania has gotten. I've completed roughly two-thirds of the little blighters, maybe a bit more, probably less. I am also trying to write reviews of everything that I actually read in a year, as an aide-memoire (my memoire needing all the aide it can get).

A couple of things I have bought and will continue to buy compulsively include a very specific generation of the Viking Portable Library (specifically the wraparound photo cover editions, of which I have and am cataloguing quite a few), Penguin Classics generally (although again, I like the older ones either in the colour-coded covers, solid blacks, or the solid blacks with the coloured stripe), and Oxford World's Classics (particularly the white-spined colour-cover paperbound editions). These have their own Collection designations in my library, for no other reason than that it makes me happy and settles my otherwise jittery and unquiet mind.

I mark libraries as "interesting" if they match titles which are significant or interesting to me, or, indeed, if they have things in them of which I am envious. Occasionally, I'll mark them as interesting solely on the basis of a clever profile. It's an entirely random process, in which I sometimes link through the names of people who have the same books that I do. Weird. It's as if we might like the same things. If you want to up the ante and become "friends" I'm not averse, I just think that adding someone that you've never met as a "friend" is a bit forward, at least, without some kind of introduction first. I'm old-fashioned that way.

I indulge in a few virtual-social activities, but always in a vaguely pseudonymous and not location-specific fashion for reasons of privacy (a concern which does not appear unjustified, presently...) and general mystery. However, when last I checked, I am a real and largely inoffensive human being, and not a terrible alien killing machine from the planet Zog, as previously reported. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Om mitt bibliotekI have a lot of interests, and a lot of books. Since I gave up buying most music (I have also recently developed a weakness for vinyl LPs, but let's ignore that inconvenient fact just now), books are my only real indulgence...well, books and coins. And stamps. And mineral specimens. Hmmm. I used to work in bookshops (several different ones over the years), and this didn't help with the whole "bibliomania" thing. I've tried ebooks, but been continually frustrated by issues of formatting, editing (or the complete lack thereof), and the whole philosophy of buying something that is no more than a collection of electronically transmitted 1s and 0s. Sounds like a con to me. In the meantime, my real-world and very physical library consists of the various evidences of a magpie mind.

FavoritförfattarePeter Ackroyd, Margery Allingham, Roy Chapman Andrews, Ray Bradbury, John Dickson Carr, Alan Coren, Edmund Crispin, Colin Dexter, Gerald Durrell, T. S. Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen Fry, Stephen Jay Gould, Robert Graves, Graham Greene, Sinclair Lewis, John McPhee, Candice Millard, Christopher Morley, Carl Sagan, Dorothy L. Sayers, Clifford D. Simak, John Steinbeck, P. G. Wodehouse (Gemensamma favoriter)


FavoritbokhandelBarnes & Noble Booksellers - Independence Commons, Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Zona Rosa, City Lights Books, Half Price Books - Independence (Hartman's Heritage Center), Prairie Lights Books, Red Letter Second Hand Books, Tattered Cover Book Store - Historic LoDo, The Dusty Bookshelf, The Haunted Bookshop, The Raven Book Store - Lawrence KS

FavoritbibliotekBoulder Public Library, California Academy of Sciences Library, Estes Valley Library, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, Lawrence Public Library - Lawrence, KS, Linda Hall Library, Mid-Continent Public Library: Liberty Branch, Weston Branch (Mid-Continent Public Library)

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Riktigt namnBill

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Medlem sedanJul 31, 2013

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