Om mitt bibliotek
I now have a nook which has kindled my reading desire into an all consuming flame. The NOOK allows me to read comfortably as I can read without a lot of pain in my arthritic hands (I have AS, and inflammatory arthritis akin to RA).

However, I do love the smell of books, the feel of quality paper. Some of my most beloved tomes are my leather bound editions...

My library is as diverse as my interests...I try not to pigeon hole myself into any category...again, that insatiable curiosity...
Om mig
I'm a life long reader...the bookworm...many times my punishments as a wee lass was to take away my books...or to take away my alone that sums up who I am, and introverted nerdy reader ;-D I will read anything and everything, and tend to use reading as a form of escape.

I was a lab rat (have done work in various labs), by training and eduction with BS in both Chemistry and Biology...and was a HS/JrHS Math and Science teacher by passion. Alas, I have not been able to do either because of illness that has kept me homebound.

My husband calls me a renaissance woman, and I'm willing to try anything...I do crafts (stitching, paper, anything really), art (many type of mediums), curiosity is insatiable.
SW Metro Phoenix, AZ
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