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Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migI'm a genealogy and family history enthusiast.

It is a rare individual who does not at sometime in his or her life wonder just who his forebears were; what they did, where they lived, what personal characteristics did they possess that might have been passed down from generation to generation; from whence came the composite of genes that determined our particular physical features such as color of eyes and hair, height, complexion and sometimes even our personal traits and dispositions.

Our maternal ancestors are just as important as the paternal forebears. The only reason we use the paternal side is that it gives us a continuous thread by which to trace a common ancestral line. Some knowledge of the past, some information on just who we are and what line of descent brought us into being does help us to better understand ourselves. Without a past, there could not be a present, without a present; there could not be a future.

As the generations come and go a certain amount of family facts and history that can be obtained only from the memory of individuals is lost. Of more importance is the hope that present and future descendants will add to the various family branches names of individuals who will have made even greater contributions to the world and to the betterment of mankind.

The further back in time we go from the present day the more incomplete the documentary evidence available to us becomes. DNA opens a new window into history. Currently using genetic testing to advance my genealogical research beyond the paper trail.

I do other things besides research my family history. I'm a Christ-follower that's blessed, my wife is a gift from the Lord! Father of 3 wonderful, God-honoring children. Also, involved in online social networking with friends and relatives on facebook & Twitter, and in addition, a fan of the University of Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Om mitt bibliotekI have a large collection of a wide variety of books. I read to learn so most of my collection is non-fiction. I have an interest in religion, specifically evangelical, and Baptist theology.

The genealogy collection has multiple genealogical focuses, including but not limited to general genealogy reference, methodology, history, research and technology titles; genealogical and historical titles: Kentucky - Jefferson County, Missouri - Gasconade, Franklin, Henry, Moniteau and Pulaski Counties, North Carolina - Burke, Catawba, Lincoln and Orange Counties, Pennsylvania, Tennessee - Sevier County, Virginia - Goochland County, as well as many other locations or places; religious heritage: Baptist & Quaker; foreign origin and research: England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland; compiled research for the following surnames: Beutler, Boone, Cobb, Eberting, Page, Rohrbach, as well as other surnames.

Books are not necessarily added in the order they are read. Please note that I do not endorse everything I post to my library. This collection is under construction and currently a work in progress.

GrupperAmerican Revolution & Founding Fathers History, Bookcases: If You Build/Buy Them, They Will Fill, Cemeteries & Gravestones, Christian Living Books, Christianity, Genealogy@LT, Military History, Political Conservatives, Systematic Theologians, Used Books

FavoritförfattareKaren Clifford, William Dollarhide, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Debbie Kennett, Elizabeth Shown Mills, Pamela Boyer Porter, Kimberly Powell, Marsha Hoffman Rising, Maureen A. Taylor, A. W. Tozer (Gemensamma favoriter)


FavoritbokhandelHalf Price Books - Lawrence KS, LifeWay Christian Store - Olathe

FavoritbibliotekKansas State Historical Society - State Archives & Library, Kenneth Spencer Research Library - University of Kansas, Lawrence Public Library - Lawrence, KS, Midwest Genealogy Center, State Library of Kansas, Topeka Genealogical Society Library

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Riktigt namnMichael G. McManness

VistelseortLawrence, Douglas County, Kansas


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Medlem sedanDec 12, 2007

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