Författarmoln, Taggspegel
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Nov 13, 2023
Om mig

For decades I’ve studied science
I’ve built a profound reliance
on data, and facts,
and rational acts.
But I’ve also accrued compliance.

I made so little time for reading
I could feel my poor brain receding.
This sad dereliction,
this life without fiction!
But now it’s a hunger I’m feeding.

For next book recommendations
I’ll ask colleagues, friends, or relations;
I’ll even ask randos!
Through for books strangers chose
I’ll read without high expectations.

If there’s a book you’d like to suggest
(this is not an intelligence test!)
send me a quick note
with the book you promote
and I’ll make a library request.

Seriously, I do hope you and other well-read strangers from the internet will message me with book suggestions, despite the hash I made of the metre and partial rhymes. I’m just a humble woman of science, and obviously not much of a writer.