Om mitt bibliotek
I've read thousands of books, and I really wish I could remember all of them. My wish list is almost as long as my read list, and my library is stocked with hundreds of books I plan to read "some day". I'm working through them a little at a time. I am also working my way through Arukyomi's "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". Quite an impressive list!
Om mig
I am a voracious reader with very little time to read. When I had the time, I would do nothing but read a book from cover to cover with barely a food/potty break in between. But now I'm a busy mom, and obviously I can't read 24/7, so I've learned to take my books with me while waiting to pick up kids and such. I also read a little bit each night before bed. Unfortunately, that means it can take me months to read a book that took others a day. I'm just happy that I get to read at all.

My tastes are quite varied. I'll read anything from J. K. Rowling to John Grisham to Shakespeare. I like to read in "themes", so I might start with a book in my library, and then follow it with something similar. For instance, I read "Mists of Avalon" which inspired be into a Camelot/King Arthur trend. After reading "Wicked", I decided to read all of the Oz related books. After reading "War and Remembrance", I read James A. Michener's "Poland".
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