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Sep 30, 2009
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Catherine Thrush
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I've always been interested in the question: What makes us human. I also love exploring the human psyche. I love books that strip away layers of culture and religion and get down to what is really basic to human nature. Thats why I love to explore ancient time periods and mythology. I also just love a good adventure now and again.
Om mig
Catherine Thrush’s hallmark is creativity. At the age of eighteen she wrote and illustrated her first novel, a children’s fantasy adventure called QUEST OF THE FAES. It was published in 1982 while she was in college studying studio art. (A degree which she soon learned would qualify her to starve anywhere.) After school she set up shop as a glass artist. But the tragedy of nine eleven also marked the end of her struggling business. Since then she has returned to writing. Her screen plays have earned her the “Emerging Talent” award in the Monterey County Film Commission’s competition, a quarterfinalist spot in the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship competition and numerous other high ranks on the contest circuit. Her efforts also netted her an agent who bravely suffers the slings and arrows of L.A.’s film scene in an effort to sell her scripts. She’s currently polishing up a young adult adventure novel that she hopes to finish soon.

Catherine lives in San Jose, California, where her considerate husband makes sure this starving artist always gets enough to eat.
San Jose, CA

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