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Plunderer's Prize


Medlem: Cerisewood

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (168)

Recensioner8 recensioner


MediumBok (168), Pappersbok (162), Ljudbok (1), E-bok (4)

Molnförfattarmoln, taggspegel

Om migI play the flute and piano. I love to read my friends sometimes take my books and run. To them, I read too much. My favorite books are Harry Potter, Twilight, ShadowHunters, Warriors, Percy Jackson, Fablehaven, Maximum Ride, Divergent, and Wings of Fire. I have a twin sister and younger sister. My favorite class at school is math. I want to be a veterinarian.I love to roleplay especially if it's a fantasy one. I'm also a fan of anime especially Fairy Tail. The best anime ship is NaLu. If I was a child of a Fairy Tail character then I would probably be Levy and Gajeel's daughter. I adore Superwholock and Merlin.

I have something to say to the bullies
You know the boy you pushed in the hallway,he gets abused at home
The girl you called fat, she's starving herself
The girl you called a slut, she's a virgin
The boy you made fun of for having scars,he fought for our country
The boy you made fun of for crying,his mom's dying
All the people you bully, they're committing suicide

You don't know everyone's story so don't judge them repost if your against bullying on your profile

Help spread awareness of bullying and you know maybe if you are being bullied try be friends with the bully because you never know what caused them to go down this road. Help them start over and be nicer.

I'm a
•Divergent/ Amity/Erudite/Abnegation
•Daughter of Athena
•Child of Levy and Gajeel
•I'm a three in Illéa
•District 3
•Advocate (INFJ-T)
Top ships in my armada

GrupperManga and Anime Addicts, Shippers

FavoritförfattareCassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, John Green, Pittacus Lore, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Brandon Mull, Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, J. K. Rowling (Gemensamma favoriter)

MedlemskapER. LibraryThing Förhandsrecensenter/Ge bort en bok


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Medlem sedanJul 30, 2018

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