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Feb 25, 2023
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Christine Holtz
Om mitt bibliotek

Collecting photography books since the mid-1990's, I'm hoping to catalog my collection

Om mig

Christine Holtz is a Pittsburgh based artist, photographer and educator. Her lens-based art is data driven and centered around themes of the earth in the age of humans. Her process emphasizes research, vision, planning and reflection. Time is spent gathering and reviewing research materials, making photographs, testing conceptual ideas, analyzing the results and sharing my work with others in exhibitions, papers and presentations.

Her photography has been exhibited and collected internationally. Select exhibitions include Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, PA), George Eastman Museum (Rochester, NY), The Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Greensburg, PA), The Fence at Photoville (Brooklyn, NY), Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, MA), Photographic Resource Center (Boston, MA), James Watrous Gallery (Madison, WI), Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Los Angeles, CA), CEPA Gallery (Buffalo, NY), Houston Center for Photography (Houston, TX), Silver Eye Center for Photography (Pittsburgh, PA), Atlanta Celebrates Photography (Atlanta, GA) and Hot Shops Art Center (Omaha, NE)

Christine earned her BFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA in imaging arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She is currently a University Professor at Robert Morris University.

Pittsburgh, PA