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Jan 17, 2023
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My library will change regularly because I borrow a lot of the books that I read, and unhaul most others. I only keep the books which I love enough to reread, may need to reference at some point in the future, or are out of print or otherwise difficult to obtain.

I'm neither an English teacher, nor a professional reviewer. I don't thoroughly analyse books before I rate them. My ratings are based purely on my level of engagement and enjoyment.

My Rating System

This book blew my mind and I can't stop thinking about it. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone who'll listen. I'm obsessed. You should definitely read this book.

This book was difficult to put down at times. I was thoroughly entertained. I'll definitely reread it and will be recommending it.

I loved this book and will recommend it if asked. I'll probably reread it but not often.

I enjoyed this book. I may or may not reread it in the future and would probably recommend it to the right person.

I was just whelmed. Not overwhelmed. Not underwhelmed. Just whelmed. I doubt I'll reread it, but I might recommend it.

Not my cup of tea. I won't be rereading it but I might recommend it to someone else if I think it's up their alley.

I didn't enjoy it and won't be rereading it. I probably wouldn't recommend this book.

Disappointing. I finished it but I'm not sure why. I didn't care for it and can't see myself recommending it.

I had to force myself to finish this book and definitely won't be recommending it.

I couldn't finish it at this time, but might revisit it sometime in the (distant) future. I may or may not recommend it if I reread it, but will withhold judgement for now.

DNF and you can't make me!

On sites with a five star rating (like LibraryThing), I halve the rating -- so a 10 star rating would become 5 stars, while a 5 star rating would become 2.5 stars. If the site doesn't allow half star ratings (here's lookin' at you Goodreads), I'll round up or down depending on how much I liked/disliked the book.

Om mig

Booktuber, student, Mum to four adult children, procrastination queen. I read most genres except memoirs and bodice rippers, though the Storygraph says I mainly read fiction books that are mysterious, emotional, and hopeful. I love visiting op shops and discovering old, long-forgotten stories.

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