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Om migI have a PhD in nutrition and am a registered dietitian (RD), my first professional passion.
A perk of working at a university is, often, taking courses for free or a low fee. Over time, given my expertise, I did an increasing number of public-relations gigs and freelance writing for newspapers and magazines. Having found professional (and complementary) passion #2, I returned to student status, while still faculty in another department, and earned my Master of Mass Communication (MMC) in journalism.

Om mitt bibliotekAccording to my smart-phone app, I own 789 books about the history of nutrition and food.

Food studies is a fairly new academic discipline but is already regarded as serious scholarship. The annual rise in publication of books about the history of a particular food or the history of food -- or lack thereof -- in general is refreshing. I am pleased to know that history-of-food books appeal to both the public and topical experts, who need to be well read because deadline-approaching media interviews can arise any day.

Books about the history of nutrition specifically are less common but can be found categorized as history of medicine (e.g., history of phenylketonuria, which blocks amino acid metabolism) or history of science and technology (e.g., skilled effort to bring water, an essential nutrient, to the growing [and growingly dry] city of Los Angeles).

When pre-20th century physicians were not (literally) bleeding their patients dry or giving mercury enemas, they often worked as dietitians so I am interested in books about health-care approaches that (1) were deemed "irregular" by advocates and opponents alike and (2) managed to establish, over legislation's and education's slow pace, the medical hegemony we now have in the U.S. evolved to become


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