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Medlem: Dragonfly

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Om migWhen I was about six or seven I got a bookcase for Christmas. It was a tall, narrow case, stained dark, and it had two books in it. One was Kipling (the Jungle Book, the stories about Kotick the white seal and about the mongoose Rikki-tikki-tavi). The other was the Little Lame Prince. I wonder what happened to those books? I read them over and over and I can still recall phrases from Kipling. That is the most vividly remembered present of my childhood. I guess I was doomed to be a librarian.
I can't imagine living without reading. "To see what they should see and hear what they should hear, Though it should have happened three thousand year." (Kipling again.)

Om mitt bibliotekAfter years of wishing, I have a "book room" with all my books shelved in order where I can find them. I'm so happy -- I keep walking in just to look at it.
(Two years after the shelves were built, they're stuffed! I am keeping "less" books.)

Aagh! I'm having to weed; there's just not enough room. Catch 22: Today I traded in a bunch of paperbacks, but bought hardbacks that actually take up more room.

Tags: By format: book, periodical, music cd, data cd, dvd, map (sheet map). Books are subdivided: fiction, poetry, plays, cookbook, nonfic (everything else).
Funny, people keep asking if I shelve at home by Dewey number. No way. Fiction, poetry and plays are shelved together alphabetically by author, with poetry anthologies all shelved as P for poetry. (Cartoons are fiction for shelving purposes.) Non-fic is mostly by author with a few quirks. A few biographies of authors are shelved with that author's books. I often think of history books by author, but there's a group with the mental label "books with pictures of motorcyles", so they're all together. Plus field guides and most of the books that focus on identifying or cataloging plants have their own shelves. Maybe someday I'll try to be more organized, but this works, thanks to LibraryThing.

June 2013. Ooooh no! I really have to weed. There's no more room and I'm piling books on every flat surface in the house again. What's going to give is the journals, starting with my huge pile of the North Carolina Historical Review. I hope that modern technology and library access will provide me with access to these in the future.

GrupperAlmack's, Amateur Historians, Bookcases: If You Build/Buy Them, They Will Fill, British & Irish Crime Fiction, Ecology and the environment, Genealogy@LT, History Readers: Clio's (Pleasure?) Palace, Humor, Librarians who LibraryThing, Librarything Railroad (The LTR)visa alla grupper


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