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Sep 18, 2013
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Edinburgh University Philosophy Society
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Edinburgh PhilSoc Library
The Norman Kemp Smith, 6.01
The Dugald Stewart Building
3 Charles Street


The Philosophy Society Library was started in 2007 and since its creation it has built up a hefty collection of hundreds of philosophy related books. The library is located in the Dugald Stewart Building Room 6.01, The Normal Kemp Smith Room. There is a book sign-out log on the table which can be used to check out books.

The library is open to members at the following times:

• Wednesdays - 1pm until 3pm
• Fridays - 1pm until 3pm

The rooms serves as a meeting room and postgraduate study space at all other times, when the library will be closed. Please respect members of staff working in neighboring rooms.
Om mig
Founded in 1871, Philosophy Society is a lively and active academic society which aims to promote the study of philosophy throughout the University of Ednburgh. We run four events every week including guest lectures, discussion groups and reading groups, as well as copious socials and academic support sessions.

We maintain a society library in the Dugald Stewart building and are in the process of publishing a regular academic journal. Our lecture series attracts leading names in philosophy from all over the world, last year including talks from Simon Blackburn and Timothy Williamson, while our lively discussion groups offer a friendly and informal context in which to chat and discuss philosophical issues.

The society assumes no previous knowledge and actively encourages students from a wide range of academic disciplines to come along and get involved in any way that they would like to.


Edinburgh University Philosophy Society is a not-for-profit student society registered within Edinburgh University Student's Association (EUSA). EUSA is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration SCO15800.
Edinburgh, Scotland
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