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Om mitt bibliotek

In my library I have a variety of genres ranging from Fantasy, Thrillers, Young Adult, Contemporary, and romance as well as different formats. I love hardcovers because they looks so pretty on my bookshelves, but paperbacks are so much more comfortable to read. Then I have my ebooks for times when I don't want to have all my lights on and Audiobooks to listen to while I'm in motion and cannot physically read a book.

Om mig

I love to read and I love to buy new books which I am quickly realizing that buying books and actually reading them has become two separate hobbies. The max amount of books I have read in a year has been 104, and while I am extremely proud of that number it was a mix of fun and overwhelming moments for me. I do prefer physical books most of the time but I also enjoy other formats such as audiobooks or ebooks. I actually own a decent size collection on all three formats, this is one of the reasons I have been trying to keep my cataloging on librarything more updated so I know what I have, what I've read and what I've borrowed.

I have for the most part been trying to be more active in actually reviewing the books I read instead of just giving them a rating but it is not so easy to review someone's work for me. I legit feel guilty to give an author a bad review if I don't love the book they have worked so hard on, but at the same time I feel it's a disservice to give high review even if I don't enjoy the book.

I know some people may not take well into criticism especially from someone who isn't even a writer but how can you improve your craft without taking proper critic. As a reader that will occasionally purchase a book based of not only its cover but the reviews I see I have been trying to be honest with myself, the author, and future customers.

Reading is not my only hobby though it does take up most of my attention, I also enjoy playing xbox on occasion and cooking new recipes for my family. I've been considering starting a social media just for books but I am quite camera shy and haven't really gone full force with that.

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