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Fred Kaffenberger
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I work for a software startup in facilities managment. My eduction is in English literature with a concentration in the English Renaissance. I also have education coursework and have been certified to teach English at the secondary level. I have an interest in the history and literature of the Western (that is, humanist and Christian) world: from Greek and Roman authors, Patristics, Medieval, and the 20th Centuray European cultural ferment which included Charles Peguy and Georges Bernanos. I am a life-long Catholic and a member of Communion and Liberation. Curiously, I taught high school English before I was certified, and I got my CDL after I had a job driving a Schwan's route.
Olathe, Kansas
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Övriga: O’Malley McAllister Auditorium, Benedictine College, New Yorker Hotel

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