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Gail Torrey-Mele
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We are all messengers at one time or another - so all weapons are to be relinquished at the door.

I am addicted to Mercedes Lackey - whether I feel it is a 1 or 5 star book I must have it.

I prefer Historical Fiction and Fantasy Novels.
I am a visual reader .. So the more imagery the better.
I believe in artistic interpretation and license – at times this adds to the overall book. If I was looking for actual/true/proven facts I would read text books or "biographies" which may still contain errors.

Om mig
I am a weekend reader .. I get addicted to the book in hand, so I MUST finish it, no matter what - putting all else aside. This is a bad habit, and the reason I did not read a book, any book, for about three years. I'm better now .. I wish they had AA for readers. I guess that's why I'm here. But I am finding that this is quickly becoming another addiction.

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("ponystoned"), MySpace

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