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Jul 31, 2022
Om mig

I am a (insert age here because I will perpetually forget to update every birthday) year-old, she/her, fantasy book devourer with a habit of consuming hundreds of pages in a day or three. This voracious reading habit means I live in a box and am currently typing this with two wires connected to lemons sending Morse code into the space near GoodReads headquarters because I have spent every dime on books. (This is almost a lie. I do have a house. But that's because my spouse is a more adultier-adult than I will ever be) I live in books. Hello, I like books. Books?

I have a horrible case of the human condition. To the complete horror of my husband, and all of my internet friends as well as real-life friends I adore pink to distraction. And sparkles. I also happen to fan-girl over certain fictional characters that don’t exist.

I love animals, support No-Kill Shelters, believe that there is no such thing as a responsible breeder, am full bore on adopting and am a crazy married cat lady.

I am employed as an SEO Copy Writer by day, and a full-time Nerd any other time. I write caffeine-fueled weird blog posts over at and on my Twitter which is under the handle 2phatgeeks, displaying as some sort of variant of Hot Pink Unicorn Mess because that basically sums up me and my life in a coconut shell.

Thanks for reading all this blather.

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