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Keeping Gender Secret
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My library is varied. I read lots of different kinds of well-written books - fiction and non fiction, all genres
Topics I'm interested in: Racial equality, LGBTQ rights, pronouns, the environment, fresh water for everyone, and people in the world who have a hard time.
Om mig

I'm an author and writer - Jan E Pat is my pen name, gender neutral to go along with my speculative novel, Riddles Island.
I like to ski and bike, cook, play competitive bridge, hang out with friends and family, go wilderness canoe camping-exploring - as wild as I can get, which is hard these days. Last trip was on the Yukon River in northern Canada, next to Alaska. My favorite wild place is the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, 100 miles from Mt. Katahdin [the end of the Appalachian Trail in Maine] to the Canadian border. Moose and wild eagle sightings galore.

Central Massachusetts, Boston
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