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Medlem: Jane-and-beyond

SamlingarAusten's Six Novels (6), Austen's Other Works (7), Contemporaries/Influences (114), Emma Prequels/Sequels (4), Emma Retellings/Modern Adaptations (31), MP Prequels/Sequels (4), MP Retellings/Modern Adaptations (20), NA Prequels/Sequels (5), NA Retellings/Modern Adaptations (13), Persuasion Prequels/Sequels (8), Persuasion Retellings/Modern Adaptations (27), P&P Prequels/Sequels (133), P&P Retellings/Modern Adaptations (341), S&S Prequels/Sequels (9), S&S Retellings/Modern Adaptations (30), Other Works Prequels/Sequels (3), Other Works Retellings/Modern Adaptations (3), Miscellany - Fiction (114), Austen's Milieu (69), Biographies (79), Literary Criticism (92), Miscellany - Nonfiction (190), Alla samlingar (1,090)


Taggarseries (161), mystery (49), short stories (24), YA book (22), epistolary (22), children's book (18), play (12), graphic novel (11), cookbook (10), poetry (9) — se alla taggar

Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om miga librarian and an Austen fan

Om mitt bibliotekHave you read any or all of Jane Austen's novels?

Are you craving more?

This library is a work in progress to collect all the titles related to Ms. Austen in one capacity or another.

The books listed here range from fan fic (including prequels, sequels, and re-imaginings) to nonfiction (about Austen, her works, and her milieu) to works by her contemporaries.

Happy reading ahead!

1) The sheer number of Austen-related titles out there means I cannot read them all, nor would I necessarily be interested in doing so. Inclusion of a book here does equate recommendation of that book.
2) In the interest of making specific titles easier to find for the audiences most interested in them, I'm using the "collections" feature to organize books into categories. Books may be in multiple categories as fits. If you believe any book is incorrectly categorized, please leave an explanation in the comments section. Thank you.

GrupperI Love Jane Austen, Librarians who LibraryThing, Romance - from historical to contemporary

FavoritförfattareJane Austen (Gemensamma favoriter)


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Medlem sedanAug 8, 2013

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