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Dec 13, 2017
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Kathleen Lepidas (pen name: Kathleen Jones)
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I have eclectic reading tastes, everything from literary and genre fiction to non-fiction.
Om mig
A lover of words who writes from the heart.

Welcome to my site! I'm Kathleen Jones, author of "Love Is the Punch Line," a lighthearted, quirky romantic novel set in the world of stand-up comedy. The novel--my first-- was published by Moonshine Cove in April 2018.

I’m a refugee from the corporate world, a lover of books, dogs, and 1940’s/1950’s vintage clothing (not necessarily in that order!), a wife and a mom . . . and, oh yeah, a novelist!

For thirty (long) years, I toughed it out in the corporate world, chiefly as an editor for various Canadian book publishers. Sometimes, I had the opportunity to do work I enjoyed, but too often, I didn’t. Towards the end of my career, the type of work that interested and challenged me began to slip away, and I became less and less happy.

Then one day, I realized something: creative, out-of-the box thinkers like me don’t belong in the corporate world, and if I wanted “meaningful” work, I’d have to create it for myself.

That was when I decided to pursue the only work that I’d ever really wanted to do since I was a child: the work of a novelist!

Thanks for visiting me, and please keep in touch.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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