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Oct 20, 2011
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I will read just about anything. I used to say anything except romance but that has, shockingly, changed.
I do, however, prefer Science Fiction and Fantasy.
I love the Paranormal/Urban books, but I am slightly picky, so many of them are all about the smut. I don't mind a small amount of smut, but, I don't want to read about smut just for smut's sake...I would much rather live my smut.
I do try really hard to read something real occasionally, but usually I never finish them.
I do not read to be enlightened, to broaden my horizons, to stay up on current events or to further my education. I read for entertainment, so, I do not want books that make me think of real life. I don't like "feel-good" books. I am not big on most of the young adult books out at this time, I like several of the older one's though.
Om mig
I am a stay at home wife. I love Hello Kitty. We have a Hello Kitty kitchen and bathroom and my wondermous husband only blinked once at using a pink bathroom, he doesn't care what the kitchen looks like, as long as food comes out of it.
I also like origami, crocheting, anime/manga, gaming, cooking, my kindle, animals and reading.
I am terrified of bugs, even the nice ones that are beneficial...however, rodents and snakes don't bother me.
We have 3 cats and a book room that is overflowing.

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