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Medlem: Khepresh

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (951), Önskelista (1,397), Alla samlingar (2,317)


Taggarkindle (66), ebook (66), education (31), teaching (20), pedagogy (19), reference (17), speculation (16), technology (13), ancient egypt (13), how to (12) — se alla taggar

MediumUppgift saknas (15), Bok (2,299), Pappersbok (2,265), Ljudbok (3), Övriga (3), Programvara (2)

Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

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Om migI am a former college student, and was going for an undergraduate degree. While my former major is business, and then was electrical engineering after that, my real interests are in education, technology, and ancient near-eastern and Mesoamerican history & language. A rather eclectic mix of interests, obviously.

For going on four years now, I've been an employee of a public high school - in charge of technology for an on-campus RTI/tutoring program called Intervention. I also work for an educational materials publishing company, where I design data/information management systems and help out with anything technical.

Om mitt bibliotekMany of my books are about education. I started buying and reading them when I was first hired by the school, and they make up probably the single largest segment of my library.

Books that are speculative about the impact of technology on education, business, society, or other areas, particularly interest me. I even like older, outdated books, to see how predictions have turned out.

Other books on technology are also a big part of my collection. The history of tech from the earliest computers, to the .Com era of the '90s, to the present day have their place on my shelves. As well as books on programming, robotics, space exploration, and pretty much anything else having to do with technology.

Of course, various books on ancient history (primarily Ancient Egypt) are in my collection too. Ancient near-eastern art, literature, culture, history, and so on. Though I am also interested in, pre-Columbian Mesoamerican history and language.

You may also notice a number of drawing/art books in my library. In my spare time I'm attempting to learn how to do digital drawing and painting, with a marginal degree of success. At this point, it's just a hobby to fill in time when I'm not working or reading.


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Riktigt namnKyle Lowry

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Medlem sedanFeb 19, 2010

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