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L. G. Cullens
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Only a smattering of what I've read over three quarters of a century.

The last several years I've been writing reviews of most of the books I've read, and have ported them here. My reading is eclectic, with a healthy share of eco-lit books.
Om mig
An over-the-hill naturalist, artist, author, reader, and book reviewer

L. G. Cullens was born and raised in 1940's Wyoming with Shoshone friends (his naturalist grounding). Then, following a period of military service he attended various schools in pursuing careers in civil engineering and computer sciences, moving eastward as better schools and work opportunities presented themselves. Finally, in his fifties, in New England and weary of the rat race, he practiced woodworking decorative arts in a home shop. Since, with diminished dexterity, having read extensively throughout his life he does a bit of writing. A natural sciences passion is evinced in his art and writing.

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