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Lady Mary Helen Mack Last
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Personal/ private library and reading lists

"Your library"-- books I physically possess in my home in England

"BBR collection"-- books I physically possess in my parents home in America

"E library"-- books I possess in pdf or digital format on a permanent basis

Note: I obtain the vast majority of my reading list from the library (free)

Star rating system in my library:

5 star-- This book is exceptional. I read it and knew I wanted to physically possess it so that the author would know in a tangible and monetary way what their work means to me and so that I could reread ad infinitum. I do not believe in favourite books as I find the concept limiting, but I maintain a mental category of favourites (as a collective) which shift in ranking according to my mood; all these are 5 stars. These are the books that I recommend to friends, that I think about for months and years after finishing, that I reread when I'm sad or happy or just want to. These are the reasons I love reading.

4 star-- Only slightly less than 5 stars. Perhaps these books should be more average but happened to come to me at just the right time or stirred just the right emotions. I would buy these books if I came across them in the wild (like at a charity shop) but may not necessarily prioritise seeking them out. Something about these books made them special and memorable and even though they may not have ascended to a 5 level, they are very good and I would likely recommend them to the right inquirer.

3 star-- This book met expectations. It may not be winning any awards or making great lists (or maybe they do, but not if I am in charge), but was time well spent reading. I enjoyed the book, but it did not leave such an impression as I will be thinking about it long after setting it down or be trying to make part of my physical collection. This is not a bad category to be in, it is just average, and that is not a negative trait. Sometimes (most of the time by the reckoning of this category quantity) books are just books.

2 star-- Slightly less than average. Perhaps this book included some elements that I particularly disliked or was simply just completely forgettable; like I remember the title but cannot for the life of me describe any plot points or think of positive attributes without a depth of consideration.

1 star-- This is not a good book, but I may actually have a soft spot for it, a guilty pleasure. If you see a book with one star listed as in my library, mind your business.

1/2 star-- This book is the actual worst. I am not capable of not finishing a book once stated, but I will never get this time back. I am a worse person for having read this. The only reason it gets 1/2 is because I do not wish to confuse these titles with ones I have not yet reviewed at all, and, more aptly, there is no way to give negative stars.

Om mig

MSc Library and Information Science

MA Art and Science

BSc Hons Biology/ Biomedical Science, Chemistry minor

BA Hons Studio Art

Medical school dropout

Currently Pursuing a PhD in Information Science

Avid, voracious reader and artist. Human to a lovable teddy bear, Morton the Bear, and cat, Poppet.

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Boklådor: Blackwell's Art & Poster Shop, Blackwell's Rare Books, Blackwell's Secondhand, Oxfam Bookshop Oxford (St Giles), The Last Bookshop

Bibliotek: Bodleian Library, Oxfordshire County Library, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art Library, Oxford University, Summertown Library

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