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Apr 5, 2007
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Much of my book buying is on a whim. My library isn't huge yet, but is steadily expanding. I'm not sure I really have a favourite genre, but I do enjoy historical fiction. A large number of my catalogued books are drama related, due to my degree. Other than that, I buy what interests me at any given time!

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It's just been pointed out to me that I haven't updated my profile in a rather long time, so here's for a refreshing change...See that dog over there...? That's Jan (pronounced Yan). Technically he belongs to my parents, not me, but since I'm in no position to have a dog of my own yet, I like to call him mine. I love this site, and spend the majority of my time here with the wonderful people of the Hogwarts Express - some of whom I have now been priveledged to meet in real life. In my "spare time" I perform with a sketch comedy group around London, which is hard work, but lots of fun.
London, UK
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