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Larry Bliss
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Eclectic in the extreme! Ranges from sci fi and military history to drama and ancient literature, with stopovers at American postmodernism, magical realism, classical music, adult education (my graduate field), English literature, and photography.

Om mig

I'm a Blue guy in a Red state, 68, an emerging playwright and exhibited photographer. I am absolutely gaga over live theatre and a board member of one of the local companies. I am owned by a 5-year-old black and white cat. My tastes in music are even more varied than in books. Currently on my playlist is minimalism, electronica, power pop, a bit of hip hop, and a bit of indie rock. I am gobsmacked by the new discoveries in astronomy. I'm into Star Trek, even the new shows that the 60s holdouts hate. I follow Christianity but am skeptical of and disaffected by contemporary American protestantism. If I had a family crest, it would say: Forward.

Raleigh, NC
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