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I have very eclectic taste in reading.
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I have almost 20,000 books I've shelved at Goodreads since May 2007, most of them to read books, and I'm overwhelmed by the prospect of getting them all over here, or anywhere else. I'd love to do a manual import if it would transfer over ALL my books AND not override books I've already got here, already edited for accuracy. I'd like to get my read books to LibraryThing and would have done that by now if they all had ISBNs and they'd all show up here.

I also still own about 1,200 books (down from about 20,000) and not all of them have been shelved online.

Many of my reviews at Goodreads continued via many comments on my posted reviews. Unfortunately, those additional thoughts and feelings (mine and others') will be missing here. Also, all of my status updates are missing, and in some cases, portions of my thoughts & feelings were posted there, but not added to my official reviews, so those are also missing here.

I do have most of my books & reviews shelved at Goodreads. Here I am at that site:


"All collections" is the only place where you can find all my catalogued books. Perhaps someday, all my books will be listed there, but that's doubtful.

San Francisco, CA, U.S.
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