This Was An Early Reviewer Book for me. (2), This is the 3rd book by this author. Really like her writing and stories! (1), Wonderfully researched and written! One of the most unusual (1), dense novels I have ever read. (1), A very honest look at an addict among us. (1), Even if you are not a Jodi Picoult fan read this book for the Elephant information!!!! (1), A Great Read For Fans of new series"Manhattan" on the WGN network. Now renewed for a 2nd season! (1), What a Slog..... (1), Everyday I will say " I am so glad I am not this Anna!" (1), TBR (1), In Sveeden Day Don't Believe In Editing! (1), The writing was dense but beautiful. A moving story of a mother and daughter.birth (1), Almost Like A Memoir (1), Nothing more than drugstore literature! Redundant as all heck! (1), Only For The More Serious of World War Two Fiction (1), Fairly Good Except For Unforgivable Historical Errors! (1), ok Chic lit. beach read with a side of serious! (1), A charming read about coming of age in the early part of the last centuary.Among my top 10 for this year! (1), Such an aura of saddness in the entire novel.... (1), Suspenseful story. However I am going to be very American here and say I slightly did not like the ending. (1), Did not enjoy this nearly as much as her other two. (1), Wonderful! I can't wait to read the other two in trilogy! (1), A Francie(A Tree Grows In brooklyn)For More Modern times (1), great characterizations but crappy last 1/4 of book and ending. To elaborate would be a SPOILER. (1), started out great a bit of a bog down in the middle (1), ok ending. (1), What a book! A total trip! (1), Just A Fictional Year In The Life....................... (1), Very good book on many levels but very much a "downer" most of the way through! (1), It's me...just way too old for this genre! (1), Decided to try a "cozy" series. Thi one center on minister's wife who is a caterer! (1), A thriller of sorts. Another read in my year of plucky (1), resiliant girls! (1), When I last looked there were about 2030 5 star reviews of this book on Amazon! Count me as one more! (1), fast read. Movie coming soon with Kate Winslet should be good! (1), This is the 2nd time I have read this book. It is a favorite I will re-read I am sure in the future! What a wonderful cast of characters. Everything comes together nicely for all of them. You love them so much that it does not matter that you have to susp (1), Dovey Letters Are Only Interesting to the Sender and Receiver! (1), Excellent psychological "thriller" of sorts! (1), A very different story involving WW 2 in Hong Kong. (1), Downer of Sad Story About Sad People! (1), really hate it. Sorry Early Reviewers but as an old reader I just do not have the time to waste on this type trash. I gave up after page 50 pages (1), Now that WAS a long (1), strang trip! (1), It is good to read historical chick lit! (1), A beautifully written fictional biography that was sad. (1), VERY GOOD!!!!! (1), There no book (1), read spoilers and new I made the right decision. I will not even give this book to the library or thrift store for reselling. I am going to abandon it to a park bench somewhere! (1), All over the place. Too many stories going on! (1), movie etc. that I hate more than one about low class acting people. Throw in a southern accent or hick talk and I really hate it. Even if some of the characters are newly rich like in this book! Then add disgusting behavior and I really (1), Stellar writing about the changing nature of early friendships! (1), A good read but a bit to long. (1), I got this book from the Early Reviewers!!!!! (1), A wonderful story that like the Guernsey book starts out all plucky (1), stiff uper lip until it isn't. Its the Battle of Britain times after all! Love this story! (1), A travesty of writing about the death camps. Treats them like summer camp for delinquents. Nothing could be further than the truth. The popularity of this book is due to not being educated on the subject! (1), Not exactly a page turner but a very good story that kept me going! (1), nice read about a mid-century NY family. 3.5 stars as I guesssed the big reveal maybe 30 pages in?!!!! (1), Exquisite!!!!! (1), No Suspenseful Reveal- More a "domestic" saga. (1), I could tel from the first page I was not ging to like it! (1), A thril of a ride of a read with an interesting conclusion. (1), clever plat but it just did not touch me. (1), fairly good damsel in distress thriller. But! guessed the ending and basic reason for kidnapping. (1), Now that was a good part "thriller"part detective story! Much better Than Gone Girl or The Girl On The Train! (1), Clever! (1), Sad but a good read! (1), Page turning legal thriller that involves an elderly Holacaust survivor trying to bring a Nazi war ctiminl to justice. The criminal is famous (1), The story has a myster and a twist which kept me turnng the pages! (1), welthy Chicagoian. (1), Excelent imagined interioir life of Charles' Lindbergh's wife! (1), "Jersey Girl" slogs through Austria during WW 2. (1), A good read for a mom home with tine children after working outside the home for years! (1), Great story but desperately seeking an editor! (1), More info. On Wikipedia! (1), Lets Not Call It Chick Lit!!!!!! (1), A Very Satisfying story! (1), Jack 1939 = JFK = 007! (1), Lush Cover (1), What a tragedy this amazing writer was killed by the Nazis. (1), A very good Forrest Gimp type story! (1), the best book discussion we ever had at my book club! (1), So many of these WW II novels take liberty with true history (1), dates etc. and have characters running around Europe with an ease that was not possible! (1), True to the movie and even better. Still puzzling over 'the smoking Lounge' in the high school for students mentioned??? this was mid 70's???? (1), Amazing research about a little known part of the end of WW II. Very sad (1), Very well done. Not at all in the poorly written pop vein! masterful job on guilt IMHO. (1), This is a classic I will re-read! (1), This was an excellent book. I thought it better than The Kite Runner. I guess because it was so much more of an intimate novel about woman. (1), 1st in the Jackson Brody Series. Really like this author! (1), true sweeping story of a British woman (1), born in 1882 who lived to 100 Having first hand experiences from colonial England (1), WW II to post WW II England. many eras (1), mostly in Asia. (1), I just love Anne Tyler (1), I was one of the few I think who was not thrilled with the ending!!!!! (1), A fav from about 9 years ago. I just bought it to re-read...WW II of course! (1), This was an excellent story as far as content went. I had also seen a PBS drama based on it. The writing was very stilted. (1), Autobiography (1), WW I (1), In my opinion (1), Great writing (1), Lousy (1), Excellent! (1), Warm (1), death. (1), Love (1), I loved nancy Drew and her motherless life and independence when I read her as an 11 year old in 1961! (1), Good (1), however. (1), Beautifully written! (1), Surprising (1), Beautiful writing (1), Adored this book and will read it again soon! (1), At least I gave it 4 stars back when I read it like 1967! (1), I hate character that have a perfectly fine marriage and they cheat for no reason. I wanted to put the book in a typewriter and rewrite this one! (1), One of her best! (1), Humorous (1), May be a spoiler of sorts......... (1), Excellent Thriller (1), looooooooong (1), The French are weird and boring! (1), A Dear (1), Darling Little Book! (1), Basically a downer................ (1), So much more than a coming of age novel! (1), Has anybody noticed the exact same photo from WW II is on the cover of Penelope Lively's CONSEQUENCES?????? In fact I put a picture of that book on the inside of this one! The book itself was good but not as good as The Kommadant's Girl. The main characte (1), It Was Better Than The 1st one!!!!! (1), A wonderful book that should be called historical fiction about the darl days preceding and during World WAr two in the UK. (1), Not For Princeton Theological Seminary or Jesuit Thinkers! (1), Chatty (1), girl friend of a book! (1), A Sweet Love Story (1), could be an engaging Lifetime movie! (1), Way better than 'The Code'!!!! (1), Did Richard And Frances Myles ever again appear ina MacInnes thriller? (1), Not as good as his first novel. (1), Drug Store Literature!!!!!! (1), I was really surprised by the ending! (1), This was read during my disease phase along with Year Of Wonders! It really is a very good historical novel of terrible times for the downtrodden! (1), Not as good as What The Dead Know (1), Just as creepy almost 30 years after the first time I read it! (1), I liked the book but was turned off when his daughter accused him of sexual abuse. Left me wondering...... (1), The pverty is just too much for me. (1), This book has a big lesbian theme which really shocked me seeing as the person that gave it to me who had read it is a big time born again christian! (1), Another sob sister story of unwed mothers. I guess those that made a sensible choice and have no big regrets would make a very boring story! (1), germans who fought for allies (1), This was a cute book! (1), This was a very strange follow up on all the characters from Leeway Cottage which I loved! (1), Holocaust Survivor memoir (1), Excellen stand alone mystery/novel. (1), SAME COVER ON THE EDITION I READ AS ON THE KOMMADANT'S GIRL (1), same photo on the cover as on Penelop Liveley's CONSEQUENCES!!!!! (1), aliens arrested in England just after WW II started (1), Usually love this author but this one was "a long walk through the woods" to get to the point of the point of the story! t (1)
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Jul 25, 2008
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I have a bookcase and piles of books I have not read yet(TBR's). My tastes are varied but I seem to really gravitate toward books with any kind of WW II theme. However, I read contemporary fiction,some pop stuff like thrillers and serial killer books. I also like some historical stuff other than WW II and auto and biogs too!
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I am a laid off mom to 3 kids grown and flown. We also have a cat named Edie that we are supposedly babysitting! That was 7 years ago! In my parochial school my last name started with W so I sat in the back of the class room hidden behind Carol Wicktor who was about 6 ft tall. This was in 6th grade. The bookcase was right behind me. So for an entire school year I devoured all the Nancy Drew books(My fav),Cherry Ames & Dana Girls Books. This is where my love of reading occurred. Later that summer I saw Gone With The Wind and promptly went home and read my Mom's 1939 copy! I never read another kids book again! I spent most of my adult life reading things from word of mouth around the office,etc. and the best seller list. Then came the internet and various message boards and online reading journals I have been going to for 16 years. My tastes have been so expanded and I am happy to say I have been exposed to books I never,ever would have heard of and have loved them.
Haddon Heights, NJ
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