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Margaret Gilbert
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My library is "everywhere" I don't stick to one particular author or genre. I've just got a little bit of everything.
Another thing; My "library" in my house consists of two bookshelves in my room and a third one that's built in to a wall in my house. Unfortunately this causes some problems and limits my ability to have many books. Mostly because 1) I'd rather spend money on books than a bookshelf, 2) I'd end up with piles of books everywhere, and 3) Bookshelves are so expensive.
Om mig
I live in Alaska and hate winter. I love to support my local economy by buying from farmers markets and locally owned businesses. I ave a mild book addiction and only really like Miss Marple mysteries. Which is much different than my mother who is against Marple and is a Poirot fan. I don't always buy by author, though I'll buy books I think are good because my favorite authors have written them. I prefer when I go to books stores to wander and look around and see what looks interesting... Which explains why I don't really stick to and author.

I dislike the fact that Barnes and Noble will put historical fiction under the title "religion" They aren't books about religion though I do like to read religious fiction.

I ADORE Star Trek and own a few books about it. I love historical fiction a lot and own a few many of those type of books. I love to watch Downton Abbey, and I particularly love Bates and Anna. I also like to watch Star Trek TOS, and a few TNG, Monk, Firefly, old TV programs ranging ranging from 1950-1980. I also love old movies. That last new movie I saw was Pixar's "Brave" I find new movies actors/actresses to be talent- less and relying on their looks.

In older movies they really had to be talented I look up to Audrey Hepburn, Howard Keel, and Betty Hutton. I love show tunes and Broadway because I think that even nowadays you still need to be talented to make it on Broadway. I'm also very nostalgic.

"If I'm honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all. "
-Audrey Hepburn
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