Om mig

Some facts about me:

* I'm Swedish
* I'm a book hoarder(both real books and e-books)
* I'm a Trekkie
* I grew up watching Indiana Jones and that has made me quite addicted to adventures books(and movies)
* I have a weakness for really beautiful book covers...
* I like horror books, especially with ghosts. Also, I like to read vampire books with vampires that are dangerous and not cuddly...
* I like historical fiction...but not if they are too chic lit. I have nothing against romance, vice versa, but I loathe sugar sweet stories...I want passion, angst, and heartache!
* Finally, I like crime books. Harlan Coben, John Grisham, Laurie r King, Jeffery Deaver, Craig Johnson and so on...

Medlemmens krets

Intressant bibliotek