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Nov 12, 2022
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Marcia Miles
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A Day in the Life Of A Squirrel


Dream Wishes Prayers For Children

Everyone's Wish Poems To Motivate And Inspire

Fluffy's New Home

The Fox, The Squirrel, and The Eagle

The Polly Book Series

Polly's Awesome Surprise

Polly Goes To The Fair

Polly Attends The World's Most Famous Circus

Polly Goes To Europe

Polly Goes To Africa

Polly Goes To Australia

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About Alexandria J. Snowdon

Author and Poet Alexandria J. Snowdon is an award-winning writer. She is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University--the winner of the Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence Award, Writers of Distinction Presidential Award, and 100 Most Famous Poets. Ms. Snowdon has been exploring the art of writing for over forty years, which has earned her many prestigious honors. Before settling down to a serious writing career, Ms. Snowdon worked as an executive secretary, a teacher, and as an actress on television shows. Ms. Snowdon is the author of A Day in the Life Of A Squirrel, Everyone's Wish: Poems To Motivate And Inspire, Colloquy, Fluffy's New Home, the Polly Book Series, Dream Wishes Prayers For Children, and The Fox, The Squirrel, And The Eagle. Snowdon was born in London, the United Kingdom, she loves reading, writing, storytelling, and painting. Ms. Snowdon currently resides in America. She has one daughter, who is a United States Attorney.

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