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Jan 28, 2009
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Maureen N. Roy, MPH
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Books about nuclear power that are worth reading:

1. Nuclear power : both sides : the best arguments for and against the most controversial technology, by Michio Kaku (nuclear physicist) and Jennifer Trainer.
2. Nuclear, Inc: The Men and Money, by Mark Hertsgaard (professional journalist).
3. Radiation protective foods, by Sara Shannon, 2nd edition, November 2014. (Her 4-year nutrition degree is from the State University of New York.)
4. Field guide to radiation; Wayne Biddle; 2012; a Japanese translated edition is available. Author website is:
Om mig
I started out as a fiction reader, and then discovered a lot to like about non-fiction. LibraryThing is helping me find new fiction writers. I write for natural living publications on topics like macrobiotic recipes, elderhood, and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. I get motivated to write an article when I see that no (or not enough) attention has been paid to an important topic in print.

My writing heroes include Alice Miller (in Switzerland), Marcea Weber Klein (a macrobiotic counselor and psychotherapist in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Australia), Jay M. Gould, PhD, George Orwell (AKA Eric Blair), Edward R. Tufte, PhD, Peace Pilgrim and Raj Patel.
Los Angeles CA
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