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Om migLike any Friend, children benefit from a guide along the path, occasions to intentionally hone their skills at listening for God, and a vocabulary that can shape, hold, and communicate their experiences. There's no substitute for matter-of-fact, ongoing, low-voltage sharings of a parent's or a First Day School teacher's faith journey. There's power in simple conversations about gratitude, love changing lives, the feelings that accompany leadings, coming to clearness on what is the right thing to do, and other descriptions of our inner experience. These chats validate a child's first steps on his or her spiritual journey and signal that reflective, faith-disclosing conversations are valued and held tenderly. The words, a vocabulary of Quaker faith, offer a framework to organize thought about these inner happenings and perhaps even help gel distinct memories of them.

Additionally, see the full table of contents on this topic and a Children & Worship Resource List.

On my Quaker journey, I have come to believe that:

Prayer is for everyone.
Prayer is for any moment, situation, or mood.
We get better at Listening for God, the more we do it.
Prayer changes us; it opens our hearts and our imaginations toward
more loving ways of living.

I'd love to hear about your adventures on the Quaker journey! Write to me at

Beth Collea
Religious Education Coordinator,
New England Yearly Meeting
January 2012

Om mitt bibliotekThis is the catalog of the Quaker Youth Education (QYE) Lending Library for New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). NEYM maintains a lending collection to support our First Day School (FDS) ministry. It is organized by topic and there are resources for children from preschool to high school as well as materials for families and guides for teachers. See the Lending Policy Statement for details.

The QYE Library is housed at Wellesley Friends Meeting []. We use a system of Friendly Couriers to deliver books for free whenever there is a regional gathering of Friends. Mail or hand delivery is also a possibility. We also have a Quaker Dress-up Lending Collection with bonnets, shawls, shirts, boys' hats and vests. Contact me for information about items and sizes.
Contact: Beth at

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