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I have a lot of collections of poetry but other than that, my library is very random. I read just about any kind of book except graphic novels or manga, and authors whom I consider pretentious. Because I really do want well written books, literary fiction and the classics appeal to me and I am glad to re-read some of those. Otherwise, I get on a kick for one kind of book and then move onto another. I read far too many book recommendations and listen to too many book podcasts.
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Outside of good food and good sex, reading is at the very top of my list of pleasures, just a little ahead of good music. I do not finish books that are not well written or that have lost their appeal to me which means I seldom give a one or two star review. I give my ratings based far more on the quality of the writing than on the engagement of the plot. I selected the books I read because the plot and storyline sounded interesting, so there is no need to say that it was!
I prefer “real books” to e-books, but read both. I belong to four libraries, buy my books from used bookstores, both online and brick and mortar, and am willing to pay the extra cost to buy a book from an Independent book seller over that well known giant online seller.
Beach city near Los Angeles
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